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Opposition leader in Bihar surrenders security


First published: February 21, 2013, 4:53 PM IST | Updated: February 21, 2013
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Opposition leader in Bihar surrenders security
This came after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar claimed that law and order situation in the state is good.

Patna: Leader of Opposition in Bihar, Abdul Bari Siddiqui, has surrendered his security following Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's claim that law and order situation is good in the state. "When everybody is protected in Bihar, what is the need of security for VIPs?" Siddiqui said in a letter to state police chief Abhyanand on Wednesday.

A copy of the letter was also sent to the Chief Minister. Siddiqui asked for removing his house guards, bodyguards and other security personnel and deploying them for maintaining law and order for the common man.

The letter said, "It would have been better if the CM and other VIPs too surrender their security as the state government is claiming that law and order is good and everybody is safe."

He said he had advocated cutting down VIP security to increase the number of forces for protection of the general people and had surrendered his security in the light of this.

Senior minister Nand Kishore Yadav dubbed the act as a "drama" while speaking to reporters outside the Assembly premises on Thursday. Asked if he and other ministers would follow Siddiqui's act, Yadav, who is Road Construction Department minister, retorted "Why should we become part of his drama?"

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