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People won't be fooled by UPA's populist measures: Sidharth Nath Singh

Updated: May 22, 2013, 5:56 PM IST
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People won't be fooled by UPA's populist measures: Sidharth Nath Singh
Four years of UPA-II: a report card of failures?

What are the key points on which the UPA-II dispensation failed to deliver? BJP's spokesperson Sidharth Nath Singh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Hi Sidharth, Do you think that the BJP has oversold the corruption issue and leadership issue of the UPA..At one time it probably had a impact on people but now all your leaders and spokespersons sound very repetitive, at times arrogant and they have nothing else to say and at the same time they are coming across as obstructive in letting good legislation pass in parliament..Will you be able to sustain this momentum until the elections and keep the voters interested in your agenda? Asked by: JK

A. We all were worried when 2G and CWG scam came out that election are due in 2014, so how we can maintain this momentum? But we are few months away from elections and all I can say is that momentum has gained ground. I wish we had more to say on UPA-2 but unfortunately they have nothing else to offer but corruption and a weak leadership.Regarding legislations, we could have passed few important bills , but an arrogant Govt instead of making the two ministers resign when the parliament was on and decided to do so after Parliament session was abruptly closed two days earlier.

Q. The scams and all wrong doing of UPA-II is known only to the urban educated who either do not vote, Will UPA -II get away by announcing populist measures for the masses, a few months before elections get UPA-II to be re-elected? Asked by: Satish Kumar

A. I am afraid your assessment is not correct. The rural India is equally aware of corruption and how corruption has impacted them in form of price rise. Govt is trying to come with populist measures but you don't fool the public on the same strategy again and again.

Q. Why BJP not able gain from congress' loss as the polls projected? Asked by: sachin

A. Recent opinion polls are indicating two things - one congress/UPA is on decline and second BJP/NDA is gaining but not what it should be. Elections are 6 months to 10 months away. If the trend is against Congress and in support of BJP, trust me the groundswell will push the bar to higher levels. Also we have planned few steps before elections and are going to implement but carefully as we don't want things to peak before time.

Q. What was the state of exchequer before UPA I and current status? Asked by: Ramchi

A. Good question, I will recommend that you please go through Mr. Chidambaram's speech in parliament while presenting Economic Survey in 2004. He infact appreciated and congratulated NDA for handing over the economy in an extremely good health.

Q. Why this government is doing so much corruption? Asked by: Anupam Verma

A. I wish I knew but ask Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.

Q. Nitish Kumar has expressed reservations against Modi. The same can be the case of Mamta, Navin, Chandrababu Naidu or Jagan and even Mayawati. Do you agree that they may win close 60 to 90 seats and you have to respect their opinions. Why can't Modi openly come and tell that he is short of experience in Central Govt. and he doesn't want to be the Prime Minister and instead be part of the Central Govt. and further announce a person as a leader and just ensure entire BJP backs that person as the leader. Is this as an option at all? Asked by: Kamala C

A. Wait for the Parliamentary Board to take the call and I can assure with numbers on our side we will be able to sit across with our past allies and convince them. Country needs a dyanamic and a strong leader which BJP is capable of providing to the nation.

Q. Hi, Nobody is in denial that Congress has done a bad job!! But for BJP to take levarage, don't you think you need to your act together in states like Karnataka, Maharastra and Haryana. And further try to reach alliances in WB, TN and Andhra Pradesh? Honestly can BJP Build this large gap that you are having? If yes, then what are the potential steps that your Party has to take. Asked by: Kevin

A. The first three states you have referred are quite ok for us despite a loss in Karnataka assembly polls. After 2014 polls are over many equations will change, so we should wait and watch but things are falling in place although it may take a while before they are open in public domain.

Q. Do you see the political end of Nehru dynasty by next election? Asked by: Anupam Verma

A. I will not wish for it but if the voters have decided then who can stop?

Q. So for example what kind of legislation's will you come up with in parliament to bring the black money stashed abroad?Don't you think these are some of the answers people expect from you? Asked by: Ankit

A. Fighting corruption in any form you need a strong will backed by a strong leader. Legislations are in place to handle many of corruption issues including return of black money. India is a signatory to UN Convention under which informations are exchanged. The current govt has many details of illegal accounts but have no will, so we as nation are at loss but smaller countries like Greece, Israel, Denmark, Germany have succeeded in getting back illegal money stashed in foreign accounts. First legislation that we will bring is Lokpal.

Q. What can we expect from BJP if they come to power in 2014 or earlier at the centre? (Please let us know the key reforms and issues which need immediate attention). Asked by: Shekhar Deshpande

A. First and foremost is to bring the country out of negative cynicism which this govt has brought about and therefore the nation needs a strong leader. We need to control inflation and push growth. Controlling inflation needs improvement in supply chain and not via RBI of increasing interest rates 13 times. A stable rupee is must. To push growth we need to lower interest rates for encouraging industries to invest in India and not investing abroad. Tax reforms are must for example GST needs to be introduced by talking to various states who have concern on loss of revenue. Let me also add that these States are also Congress ruled States. The recent NSSO date on new employement is shocking. During 2004 to 2009 only 2 million new jobs were created where as during NDA regime the new jobs offered were 62 million. So we have a track record of managing economy better and not offering a jobless growth.

Q. Sir, BJP going to think about its own seat increase or its allies, when it comes to declare Modi Ji as PM Candidate? Your personal opinion Mr Modi PM candidature. Asked by: Hari

A. I understand the pulse as I have to contest Lok Sabha, my vote is all for Modiji but the decision needs to be taken by the Parliamentary Board and being a discipline party worker will abide by the decision. But I must also add, we have extremely experienced members in the Board and they are sensitive to the feelings of the masses.

Q. Will you present your vision on economic,social and security issues after your Goa meet? Asked by: Ankit

A. We will have two resolutions - political and economic in our upcoming Goa National Executive.

Q. Why don't you project a leader who is acceptable by all in the country? Is it that you don't have one or is it that you want to use the hype created by the media? Asked by: Yogesh

A. We will project a leader whom the majority wants and as a party we have no ambiguity in our decision except waiting for the right moment. Remember politics is all about timing.

Q. You praise Modi for governance despite knowing facts of 2002, it was either intentional or mis-governance, please justify? Asked by: Anwer

A. Riots are bad for the country and no justification can be an answer. In India we have seen many riots but no conviction except in 2002 Gujarat riots. Please also remember Gujarat before 2002 has witnessed many riots every year. In last 11 years we have not witnessed a single communal violence in Gujarat, this is no small achievement.

First Published: May 22, 2013, 5:56 PM IST
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