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Stars favour Oommen Chandy in Kerala polls

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Updated: March 31, 2011, 12:46 PM IST
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Stars favour Oommen Chandy in Kerala polls
That the 13th Kerala Assembly elections are on April 13 is numerologically significant.

That the 13th Kerala Assembly elections are on April 13 is numerologically significant. Also,the counting day is May 13. Number 13 adds up to 4. April 13, 2011 gives three 'four'. April is the 4th month. The year 2011 adds up to 4. The fate number of May 13, 2011 is 4 (1+3+5+2+0+1+1=13).

The chief ministerial candidate of UDF Oommen Chandy is 67 years (67 adds up to 13). At the time of election, CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan will also be 67. Pinarayi belongs to the Zodiac sign of Aries. Chandy was born in the sign of Scorpio. Both signs are ruled by planet Mars.

After carefully analysing the fortunes of the UDF and the LDF, it is seen that the UDF has a better chance to come to power by virtue of the highly fortunate number 4 played in the scheme of things of Chandy.

Chandy was born on October 31, 1943. He became CM on August 31, 2004. The birth number of Chandy is 4 (all persons born on 4/13/22/31 have birth number 4. The fate number is 22 (3+1+1+0+1+9+ 4+3=22) that adds up to 4. He has been MLA for the last 40 years(4+0=4).

He first became MLA in 4th Assembly. As per numerology, numbers 1 and 4 are highly inter-linked. So, numbers 1 and 4 mutually influence. Chandy is the 10th (1+0=1) person to be the CM. Also, he headed the 19th (adds up to 1) ministry. He was elected MLA for 9 times.

Numerologically, he is likely to be MLA for 10 times. But,his zodiacal sign is represented by 9. Briefly, Chandy is now in the zenith of fortune by virtue of his strong lucky numbers. So, that itself is the factor to be feared! His luck now is like a ball thrown atop. The point of time the ball reaches the maximum top and the time it begins to fall down is too short to be imagined.

So, if unexpected events do not take place, Chandy stands a chance to be the CM again after the 13th Assembly election.

As regards LDF, Pinarayi Vijayan is more suitable to lead it than VS. Pinarayi was born on March 21, 1944. If he becomes the CM he will be head of the 21st ministry. If not, he will be Opposition Leader to the 21st ministry. If he becomes the CM, he will be the 12th person to be the CM.

V S Achuthanandan was born on October 20, 1923. He is the head of the 20th ministry. Also, he is the 11th person to be the CM (20 and 11 represent 2).

PS: As in the case of Oommen Chandy, Vayalar Ravi and K C Venugopal are also number 4 persons.

It may be noted that the political fortune of Vayalar Ravi and Venugopal in 2011 (representing 4) is high. Number 13 is not unfortunate. Two former CMs of Kerala - EMS and Achutha Menon were born on 13th!

(M K Damodaran, author of this piece and a native of Edayannur in Kannur district, has been doing research in numerology for more than 21 years)

First Published: March 31, 2011, 12:46 PM IST
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