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Suspending MPs can discipline Parliament proceedings: Pallavi Ghosh

Updated: April 22, 2013, 7:13 PM IST
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Suspending MPs can discipline Parliament proceedings: Pallavi Ghosh
Will suspending MPs who create indiscipline change the way Parliament proceedings are conducted?

Will suspending MPs who create indiscipline change the way Parliament proceedings are conducted? CNN-IBN's Deputy Bureau Chief Pallavi Ghosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. The real reason for disruption is not that these MPs are concerned about public welfare but there own petty politics as these disruptions have risen in coalition politics which breeds on horsetrading and corruption so many of these regional parties bargain for goodies in return for smooth functioning of govt or parliament. Asked by: Manav

A. Yes there are vote bank concerns also but at times the have been genuine issues as well.

Q. In India, "suspension" is simply a euphemism for" take a well deserved break until the heat dies down". It is pointless to the extent of now becoming a joke. What we need now, is termination and legal proceedings if this country is to have any kind of accountability of politicians and bureaucrats. Until then, no amount of suspensions will change anything. Asked by: Calvin Printer

A. Yesterday Vice President had suggested some good steps but the MPs rejected them ...such is the power.

Q. You are heading directly to parliament but the scene in state legislatures or in local Panchayats is no different where members are sometimes put under house arrest or physical assaults are common and many of these MPs come from there where some of the action is not covered by national media so will have to go to ground level for change. Asked by: Manush

A. Agree but we do cover state legislatures though not as much. I have seen some horrible ones in Odisha, Srinagar total break down of ethics.

Q. No it would not. We need to have to elect the right person. But can this happen considering the caste, religion, criminal background and the parties selecting candidates who are winnable taking into consideration for doing so? Asked by: AKS

A. Agree but somehow the culture has become such watching them the new ones too will behave the same.

Q. Are MPs above any law. social behavior and decorum that they can behave like hoodlums in the Parliament? Why MPs who disrupt the Parliament from functioning are not being evicted from the House? Asked by: Sudarsanam

A. They are not above law but they r protected by parliament privilege but increased media awareness had now seen action against MPs.

Q. Is this not a sign of lack of trust in system where JPC, CBI or judiciary has become a tool for govt so where is common man going to have confidence that his masters are not siphoning off public money or working against interest of nation. Asked by: Arvind

A. True ... Independence of insttns is being eroded.

Q. Why not go to the head of the ruling govt in whose presence this misdemeanor takes place or head of opposition party as these people give their approval to such behaviour while rejecting it in public forums as they want that parliament session should pass without taking away their posts or govt. Asked by: Ravi

A. What we need is more media pressure more shaming the netas.

Q. Yes, these rogue MPs should be suspended immediately for their unruly behavior. As of now there is no strict regulations on them. There should be strict rules for their attendance otherwise they should loose their emoluments. MPs falling sic or arrested for a specific period should be debarred from their membership. These rouges are burden on exchequer. Asked by: BW Shirolkar

A. You are right but again their privileges are such they get away. When it comes to stern action they all gang up.

Q. Why do MP's cause ruckus and not allow parliament to function. Not able to understand who gains and what is the gain. Asked by: Sid

A. People lose out.. There is a huge loss of money and they don't care.

Q. There is other side to this also why is there no accountability from judiciary and law enforcement agencies which allow this sort of frustration to creep in parliament and on roads so this needs proper debate as India is lagging behind on all counts of human development. So suspension is not the solution. Asked by: Sanjay

A. When leaders fail mob steps in.

Q. Indisciplined MPs should be suspended and discussion should be allowed to take place whatever may the issue and let the people know what every mp stands for. media should encourage this to happen. Asked by: vasanthi

A. Hope it happens but it just goes downhill

Q. Hi Pallavi, left on our own we rarely follow rules..While preaching the rule of law these very MP's break every rule possible..I think this suspension rule should be introduced and very strictly applied..If we see our elected representatives behaving in such a manner it sends a signal to all of us that this is the way to get things done / stalled in India..It is a total misuse of democracy and democratic rights by these very people who claim to represent India...Shameful..Totally..How I wish to see a normal debate between the political parties with each one of them being able to place their points of view across and be heard and responded to in a decent manner. Asked by: JK

A. Bingo but there have been excellent debates at times but I. The end parties should not defend errant MPs.

Q. Suspension of MPs who create indiscipline will definitely encourage the smooth discussion which is invariably followed in states more so in Tamil Nadu. If its if ok for TN why not for Parliament. Asked by: vasanthi

A. Agree.

Q. For things to change voter turnout should be atleast 85 percent. Asked by: Sathyaki

A. Absolutely and not return netas who misbehave but this is easier said than done.

Q. I don't think it will change the way its conducted.. people have to come out in large numbers and defeat uneducated candidates.. then there is chance of change. Asked by: Sathyaki

A. That's what I just said.

Q. In schools, when a erring student does not behave even after repeated warnings, he is issued a TC and sent home. It seems that should be enforced even in Parliament. It has been years since we have seen a decent debate on any topic. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. Problem is the privileges netas enjoy.

First Published: April 22, 2013, 7:13 PM IST
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