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Watch: Narendra Modi's victory speech

Updated: December 21, 2012, 1:00 PM IST
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Watch: Narendra Modi's victory speech
Narendra Modi said that if there is a hero of today, it is the 6 crore people of Gujarat.

After leading the Bharatiya Janata Party to another victory in the 2012 Gujarat Assembly Elections, Chief Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people at a public meeting in Ahmedabad. Modi thanked the people for the support shown to the BJP in the elections and said that if there is a hero of today, it is the 6 crore people of Gujarat. He said, "Na Rukna Hai, Na Thakna Hai, Sirf Aapke Sapno Ko Poora Karna Hai!" (We cannot stop, we cannot rest, we only want to fulfill your dreams)

Following is the full text of Modi's speech:

Results show voters know what is good, what is bad

Commenting on the results the Chief Minister said, "I thank the people for voting for us. The results show that the voters know the difference between what is good and what is bad. When the people get an opportunity to choose, they do so keeping the future in mind and the Gujarat election results show that the voter is mature and is above any greed"

We had a simple slogan! Political pundits could not understand it because it was not spicy

The Chief Minister pointed out, "We put a simple slogan 'Ekmat Gujarat...' but political pundits did not understand this as it was not spicy or against anyone. But the people picked up the Mantra."

Shri Modi affirmed, "The voters have risen above caste politics. They have thought about the future generations." He added that the people have seen through the casteist politics of the 1980s and do not ever want to return to that ever again.

He said that earlier Governments would get elected and would be voted out of office but now people elect Governments again and again and they seek accountability from them. He opined, "With political stability the accountability increases and this happens when voters are mature."

If there is good governance and development people leave everything else and make their choice

Shri Modi termed the 6 crore people of Gujarat as the real heroes of the election. He pointed out, "They used to say good economics does not make good politics. In Gujarat people have shown that good economics and good governance is possible together as well as supported. If there is good governance and development, people leave everything else and people support you!"

Give me the strength to make the right decisions, I only think about Gujarat, Gujarat and Gujarat

The Chief Minister sought the support of the people in the decisions the Government makes and affirmed his commitment to the development of Gujarat.

He said, "We made many big decisions in the last few years. Sometimes it may have disappointed a few people. People may have thought why is Modi doing this? But we did what was good for the people. We did it without any ill will. And the same people accepted decisions and supported us."

He went on to say, "Give me strength to take right decisions. I just have one dream- Gujarat. I only think about Gujarat, Gujarat and Gujarat."

The Chief Minister affirmed that in a democracy no one is an enemy and that if he has made any mistake or displayed any shortcoming he apologizes for the same.

CM congratulates more than 5 lakh Karmayogis of Gujarat

The Chief Minister specially congratulated the more than 5 lakh Government employees for their support. He stated, "When the postal ballots were counted, everyone was surprised. 70-75% of the postal ballots were in our favour. I congratulate the more than 5 lakh Karmayogis. I know earlier you went home at 5PM now you work till 10 PM. I made them work so hard still our party has been supported."

I bow my head in front of lakhs of our Karyakartas

Shri Modi expressed his gratitude to the Karyakartas of the BJP. He avowed, "I have always said that on one side is the hardwork of our Karyakartas and on the other is money power and I said hardwork will win."

He went on to say, "I bow my head in front of lakhs of our Karyakartas. The Party is like our Mother. We grow up under her care. Whatever we are, we are due to the party. All this is due to all those who worked for the BJP for so many years. Many of them are not even alive today."

Pray for the political pundits so they get a good night's sleep

Taking a pointed dig at the attitude of the political pundits of the media throughout the entire day, Shri Modi said, "I do not want to criticize anyone but I was hearing big (political) pundits on TV and I was shocked. They are still unable to digest our victory. I don't know what will happen to them. Do pray for them. Pray they have a sound sleep. We do not wish bad for anyone."

Continuing his sharp attack on the attitude of the so called political pundits the Chief Minister opined, "Someone said these elections are a draw. What kind of a thought is this? Why are they working so hard to show Gujarat in poor light? Add the seats won by the Congress in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat and we still have more seats."

Giving a few words of wisdom to them, Shri Modi said, "A win is a win. Even if BJP had 93 seats then too BJP Government would be formed. Political pundits are keen to forget this arithmetic. If a Government gets reelected it's a big thing but this is a hat trick! Still a group of people cannot accept it and I pity them."

He added, "You tried everything including when the counting was on. But atleast think about it now! We fought the elections on the issue of development, people accepted the issue and voted for us. This is a big thing."

The people have given their mandate, I do not need a certificate from anyone else

The Chief Minister pointed, "We do not want development for medals and certificates. We already have lots. This is the biggest medal the people have given, I do not want anything medal or certificate from anyone else."

Serving Gujarat is serving Bharat Mata

The Chief Minister pointed out that serving the people of Gujarat is akin to serving Bharat Mata.

He pointed out that there were many difficulties but the more the stones were thrown at him, the more he converted them into a flight of stairs for the development of the people of Gujarat.

He also asked the media to take note of the unique usage of 3D projection technology to connect with people during elections and affirmed that it was for the first time in the world that such technology has been used.

People in large numbers were present at the occasion. Shri Modi was greeted by loud cheers from the people.

(Source: www.narendramodi.in)

First Published: December 21, 2012, 1:00 PM IST
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