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FIFA U-17 World Cup Highlights: India vs USA - As It Happened

News18 Sports   Updated:October 7, 2017, 7:43 AM IST



That's it then, it ends 3-0 in favour of USA


India have certainly shown they can compete at the highest level. They were a bit unnerved initially but the team has managed to compete with USA 


GOAL: USA survived the scare and started a counter-attack, Carlton beat the defence and eventually put the ball in the back of the net. India are now down 0-3, but the scoreline doesn't reflect the valiant display of the Indians



Nongdamba Naorem was the player who made that great effort


India make two substitutions, striker Rahim Ali is on in place of Abhijeet Sarkar


USA should have had a third there, Akinola had just the goal-keeper to beat but hit that over the goal post


Had that gone in, the decibel levels would have gone up at the JLN stadium here in Delhi


Not the luckiest of days for India on the field


India are now trailing by 0-2, this had to happen, as USA are a far superior team. It's a learning curve for these boys who will benefit from this experience

21:09(IST) trong>

The Indian goal-keeper has been a bright spot for India


The players are back on the ground and India get a lucky break almost immediately but Aniket is unable to take advantage of the mistake. Eventually USA manage to get the ball out of their box


That's half-time then and India are trailing 0-1 against a very tough USA team. Coach de Matos can be proud of his boys' efforts so far, given the wide gap between the two teams but yes they have a job at their hand in the second half.


India stringing some good passes here and showing signs of intent. That was another great attack, hitting USA on the break.


India on the attack and they are entering the final third of the Brazilians now with good solo runs. India will have to throw more bodies into attack in order to create problems for the American defence


USA on the attack again and this time it was from the right flank but the final cross left a lot to be desired from. India have spread the play now, there are more players moving up in the mid-field.

The most imp[ortant thing is not topanic here. Anything can happen and there is a lot of time


India will have to attack now they cannot afford to stay back


Poor delivery from the flank means India's first real attack doesn't yield good results


The Indian defenders have shown good composure in the face of some great attacking play from USA 


From the looks of the first match so far it seems India will have to follow the strategy that Greece followed in the EURO 2004. Defend till the end and expect that a goal comes through from somewhere.

The Indian mid-fielders are trying to carry the ball too far without passing and that is what is hurting possession currently


It has been one-way traffic so far and as expected USA has been dictating play so far. They are creating space on the flanks and also spreading the play wide cleverly. Both the flanks have been changing the line of play pretty well, but India's defence so far has managed to stand tall.

It is clear that India will have to park the 'proverbial bus' and keep defending for the 90 minutes


Amarjit Singh Kiyam, the Indian captain commits a foul far outside the penalty box and USA has a free kick. Sargent hits it straight at the wall. India survive another scare


Both teams haven't managed to keep possession of the ball till now. The game pretty much swinging from one end to another. India managing to get the ball out of their half a few times.

But clearly USA is on top and they look menacing right now


That's the first ball inside the attacking third for USA, the winger tries to cross from the left but the ball is collected safely by Indian goal-keeper Dheeraj Singh


Coach de Matos already giving instructions from the sidelines


The match is about to begin and the Indian team as told by the commentator has actually travelled more than 200,000 air miles during their preparation over the last two years


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the pitch now and he is meeting both the teams. Captain Amarjit Singh introducing the young players to the Indian PM. 

And this is followed by the national anthem of both the countries.

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FIFA U-17 World Cup Highlights: India vs USA - As It Happened
PREVIEW: More than 50,000 people will be present at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on the opening day of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup on Friday, when hosts India will make their world cup debut across all age groups, male or female. The excitement is expected to touch fever pitch once the referee kicks-off the second game of the day.

The historic moment, something all of India has been waiting for and talking about, will be graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, though he is not expected to stay for the 8 PM kick-off, which is when the Indian colts will be in action.

The Blue colts, now coached by the Portuguese Luis Norton de Matos, have travelled extensively over the last two years playing a variety of opponents in the process, and one of the teams they faced was USA, who beat them 4-0 in Goa just over a year ago.

There is no doubt that this is a very big moment for Indian football and the task on hand will be daunting.

USA have played in all the editions of this tournament previously, and with the likes of U-20 star Josh Sargent leading the attack, the task on hand only gets harder.

"It is a huge moment for India to be participating in the World Cup. But this is only the first step towards the future," De Matos warned while speaking to the media on the eve of the match.

"The players know very well what they are facing tomorrow, but football is a game where anything can happen. We have to prepare and know the strengths of our opponents and weaknesses," de Matos added.

The Indian colts will be led by the midfielder Amarjit Singh, who along with the likes of Jeakson Singh, Suresh Singh, Aniket Jadhav and Komal Thatal will be expected to shoulder the burden of troubling the US defensive line.

But more than the attack, it is the defence that will be under scrutiny. India will begin without right back Boris Singh who is carrying over a red card offence from earlier, and it is up to the likes of Sanjeev Stalin, Anwar Ali and the USA based Namit Deshpande, who will have to hold strong in front of the goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh.

"The process starts at the back and it will be very crucial to defend well. Everyone will have to defend, because that is the way to get a result," said the coach on the eve of the opening game.

"We create chances, but unlike more established teams we take more chances to find the back of the net." The need of the hour is teamwork to ensure the World Cup dream does not leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

"We have made our sacrifices and worked hard to reach this place, and now the time has come for us to go and give it our best shot," said a confident Amarjit before he heads out for one final practice session ahead of the big game.

"It is essential to not panic in the game because otherwise it will be difficult to replicate the things we have done in training," the coach concluded. "USA are a very strong team in comparison to the Indian team. They have very potent attack, but we will work hard and try to make a game of it and make India proud."

USA, though will not be taking anything for granted against the hosts. "India are a very hardworking team and the home conditions coupled with the massive home support is bound to help them up their game on the day," John Hackworth noted.

One of the aspects that might be of concern to the visiting team will be the local weather conditions, but the young forward Josh Sargent very calmly dodged that bullet saying, "Last year we got used to the conditions pretty quickly and we expect the same this time as well."

"We go into the game as favourites, but we know that India are a good team who will work hard all through the game," he added.

When asked if it would be one sided affair against the hosts defence, Hackworth pointed out, "India’s forward line has some exciting talent and unless we can contain them it will be difficult for us to eke out a result in our favour."

"When we played India last year, we won, but the score line is not a true suggestion or estimate of the true potential of the hosts," quipped Hackworth.

Irrespective of the result on the opening day, the much-awaited debut at the world stage is likely to be the reason, world football’s 'Sleeping Giant' finally wakes up.

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