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Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Honor 8: The Battle for Dual Camera Supremacy

Siddhartha Sharma | SidnChips

Updated: November 24, 2016, 5:54 PM IST
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus, a smartphone that starts at Rs 72,000 and offers you a dual camera that guarantees kickass imaging.

And, In half the price, you get the Honor 8 that also offers you a dual camera setup and amazing image quality.
So what is better when it comes to dual camera set up on a phone?

The iPhone 7 Plus has two camera sensors, one with a 28mm depth of field and the other 56mm. The iPhone 7 Plus is meant to take photos at a "telephoto" format.

The second sensor offers a lot of extra data to the sensor to give you some fantastic imaging in portrait mode.
Like the iPhone 7 Plus, the Honor 8 uses a second 12MP sensor to acquire additional data for regular wide-angle photos, and also to help in zoom.

The Honor 8 just like the iPhone 7 Plus also offers a bokeh effect by a pinch of software magic and the separation method to measure depth.

Both the phones are potent enough when it comes to detailing in images. The Honor 8 offers you greater control over your photography with its pro-mode. It lets you tinker with ISO, Shutter speed and exposure. On the iPhone 7 Plus well, you are mostly relying on the intelligent software to capture images. The Honor 8 even offers you more image modes than what you get on the iPhone 7 Plus

Now, despite having two cameras the Honor 8 loses details when zooming. This is also because the second sensor used on the phone is a monochrome one. The iPhone 7 Plus, uses a telephoto lens and that helps it easily get more detailed images with 2X zoom than what you get on the Honor 8. What’s more is that you can even zoom up to 10X on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Yes, the image does lose its detail in 10X zoom but not as much as the Honor 8.

Lastly, in low light the dual camera setup, does offer better images than what you set on single camera sensor smartphones. The iPhone 7 Plus though does offer more detail than the Honor 8.

Overall, the Honor 8 is a good dual camera smartphone to have if you like to tinker around and experiment with your photography. But, the iPhone 7 Plus just offers you ease and simplicity while capturing images.

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