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Goqii Smartband Review: A Budget Fitness Partner For Newbies

Sarthak Dogra | @SarthakDogra

Updated: February 20, 2017, 2:37 PM IST
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Goqii Smartband Review: A Budget Fitness Partner For Newbies
Goqii Smartband Review: A budget fitness partner. (Image: Siddharth Safaya/

More and more companies are venturing into the world of fitness with their wearables. Goqii Smartband is one such device that can help one set and achieve realistic health and fitness goals. So, just how good is it for personal use? Let’s find out.

Let us first understand how Goqii works. Goqii smartband is a fitness tracker which helps you keep a count of your daily footsteps, distance travelled, calories burnt and more just by wearing the device on your wrist as a watch. This is made possible by trackers encased within the rubber band.

Goqii does not boast on its fitness tracker though. The tracker comes as a part of a ‘complete health ecosystem’ as Goqii calls it. This ecosystem consists of personal trainers, doctors and an app to interact with all of them.

The Goqii App is a mix of things pertaining to fitness. It lets you enter your health related details at first. This then helps your personal trainer to design your fitness regime accordingly. Other than that, the app allows you to talk to your coach, log information like your food and water intake, sleep timings, book a phone consultation with a doctor (not for emergency purposes) and lets you socialise with your friends on the Goqii network.

Goqii Smartband, Health and fitness tracker, Fitness tracker, Goqii App, personal coach, Health Technology, Review, Technology, Monday Motivation Goqii Complete Healthcare Ecosystem. (Image: Siddharth Safaya/

What's cool?

Goqii smartband sports a very simplistic design. The main tracking device is housed by a rubber strap to make it wearable. The strap is a rather good wear and fits perfectly on the wrist. I did not find the device slipping from its position even during heavy fitness activities.

Also, the Smartband is pretty lightweight and you might just forget that you are wearing it after some time. This makes it a perfect wear to tag along with any sport.

On the performance tangent, the device certainly performs very well. I found it accurate in counting steps throughout the day. Though on rare occasions, it lagged for a minute or two in displaying the increase in steps as I walked, the count was accurate yet again when it started working.

Apart from the number of steps, the smart band displays time and date, counts distance covered, calories burnt, tracks sleep pattern and also adds Karma points to your account. These modes can be toggled by a touch on the screen.

With each individual Goqii account, you will get a dedicated personal trainer. As I asked them, these trainers are not some part-time workers but are full-time employee of the company. They help you keep track of things which the Goqii band does not track.

These coaches also help you design a full-day routine for a healthy lifestyle. This includes a diet plan, sleeping cycle, exercise routine and participating in Goqii’s own fitness competitions from time to time.

Goqii Smartband, Health and fitness tracker, Fitness tracker, Goqii App, personal coach, Health Technology, Review, Technology, Monday Motivation Goqii Smartband - Distance count. (Image: Siddharth Safaya/

The device can be charged by its own charger through any source with a USB port. However, the good part is that even if you forget to carry it, you can simply plug the Goqii fitness tracker into any USB port or a mobile charging adapter directly.

What’s not so cool?

The Goqii tracker is splash-proof but not water-proof. So, you cannot go for a swim while wearing the device.

This kind of defeats its purpose as a fitness tracker for swimmers. So, if in case you are planning to buy the device for your swimming regime, you can rule out the option right away.

The tracker has to be removed from the strap to put it on charging. Goqii tracker easily charges up to 50 percent in half an hour.

Having said that, the battery life of the device is not very impressive. You can expect to juice out 3 days of functioning with moderate usage. If in case you have switched on the option of notification alert, the band vibrates every time there is a ping on your phone. This further reduces the battery life to somewhere between 1 or 2 days.

Focussing on Goqii services, the personal coaches might not always be up to the mark though. If you are a fitness freak since long or have had a personal trainer before, you might find this a bit useless.

Why? Well, these coaches give you the most idealised diet plans and fitness routines. More than half of their plans, strategies and ‘next steps’ are just forwarded messages.

Also, apart from the Monday-motivational push (which is again incomparable to a real trainer in front of you), most of the strategies they ask you to adhere to, can be found on the internet as well.

Still, these personal trainers can be immensely beneficial for those who have just planned to start keeping track of their fitness level and want to make that shift towards a healthy lifestyle.

The app is a bit buggy and crashes at times. Other than that, it can be your next best bet on keeping a serious fitness check on yourself. Having a record of all your physical activities certainly helps in attaining your fitness goals in a more planned manner.

There are certain improvements that can be done on the Smartband for sure. Firstly, the band does not track your sleeping patterns. The sleep timings have to be entered manually into the Goqii app every time which is a bit annoying.

Also, the app does not tell you the total calorie intake for the day. You can just log in the food items that you have had and hope for your trainer to have the best guess at your total calorie intake.

Goqii Smartband, Health and fitness tracker, Fitness tracker, Goqii App, personal coach, Health Technology, Review, Technology, Monday Motivation Goqii Smartband - Step count. (Image: Siddharth Safaya/


Goqii successfully manages to provide a complete health tracking mechanism for its users but the quality of these services is not up to the mark. The Smartband in itself has a limited use for serious fitness enthusiasts. The personal trainers, again, are best suited for a beginner.

Though at this price bracket, Goqii certainly has an edge over any other option present in the market. Currently, the Goqii subscriptions start at Rs 2,000 and go up to Rs 4,000.

The Goqii Smartband is recommended for anyone who does not have much prior experience in health and fitness and wants to start keeping track of their fitness level. The combination of a tracker, a trainer and a full log of physical activities, all at a budget price, makes it the best buy to start living a healthier life.

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First Published: February 20, 2017, 12:01 PM IST
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