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Mandana is a racist, can't trust Prince's facade about relationships: Priya Malik opens up about her experience with 'BB 9' contestants

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant feels none of the current finalists would've been able to survive in 'Big Brother Australia'.

Sameeksha |

Updated:January 19, 2016, 6:00 PM IST

Another shocking eviction happened last week, when Priya Malik got evicted from the house. With just a week left for finale, Priya even won the votes of Imam and housemates to be declared the finalist. Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived and she was eliminated from the game.

Describing her 'Bigg Boss' experience Priya told us, "’Bigg Boss’ was like an emotional rollercoaster, with lots of bumps. As high as it gets, as low it has to come. I'm glad it was like that because nobody enjoys it straight."


Shedding more light on her emotional ride of ‘Bigg Boss’, Priya elaborated, "Bigg Boss gave me all kinds of moments. The most positive one was when they showed me a clipping of my husband 'Bhushan' . The darkest one was in the second week of my captaincy when every housemate termed me an unfair person biased towards Rishabh and when I started crying everyone said I'm doing it for the attention and camera. All this got on my nerves and broke me emotionally for few days.”

Priya entered the house as a wild card entry, so does she think she didn't get enough time to make a big fan base? "Everyone in the house had a fan base except me. I am glad that I created on in such a short duration! I am proud that I made it so far inspite of all those odd hurdles. I am so strong that I’m not everyone's cup of tea," she replied.

The housemates finally settled for Priya as the finalist.

Priya had several fights with this season's favourite Prince Narula for taking advantage of housemates for his own selfish reasons. On this, Malik said, "I never really got along with Prince. One of the biggest reason being the lack of genuineness I felt in him. Kishwer's eviction didn't catch me by surprise, it just reaffirmed my belief. I never bought his entire facade about family and relationship inside the house."

Priya feels it's very unfortunate that Kishwer had to leave the house for Prince. According to her, "Kishwer had all the qualities of a winner. She showed her genuineness when she gave up her spot for Prince. I wouldn't say that Prince being in finale is unfair because ‘Bigg Boss’ is a game where nothing is fair or unfair, but the way Kishwer was evicted wasn't quite right. I'm not buying what Prince is selling."


Priya came across as an outspoken woman so emphasised a lot on feminism in the house, a quality many termed as 'irritating'. Priya clarifies, " I would rather be called opinionated than not saying anything at all. It irks me when people say that men are stronger than women or women are more intelligent than men. I don't believe either of the gender are superior. We go wrong when we start generalising things and form notions without any basis. Both genders are equal and I'll keep on saying and believing in it.

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant feels none of the current finalists would've been able to survive in Big Brother Australia. "People will see through a character like Prince, no one will buy what he is selling, there. As far as Mandana is concerned she's a very politically incorrect person. She has a lot if racism and violence in her that comes out so blatantly."

When asked about Rochelle, Priya said, "She's like one of those kids who'll always pretend that they have done their homework but when the books are being checked there is nothing. There is a kind of pretense in her,"


After her eviction Priya has been campaigning for Rishabh on social media. Malik shared a very good bonding with the 'devil' of Bigg Boss 9, she says, "I am big believer in genuineness. Rishabh has a heart of gold. He has went wrong so many times but made sure to apologise for them genuinely. He is a little filmy and I like that. "

Before entering the house Priya had certain perceptions about the contestants and was certain about her bonding with Rochelle, so what changed? "Rochelle's behaviour. When I entered the house she was coming across as a strong, independent contestant but with time she became a shadow of 'cool' group. On the other hand, while my stay in the house I got to know Kishwer's humane side behind that tough drape. Kishwer is very brave, genuine person who was very strong inside the house," Priya said.


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