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Photos: Top 10 spookiest destinations for Halloween

WorldFebruary 27, 2015, 8:52 pm

Moscow, Russia: The ancient city of Moscow lends itself to somber legends and centuries-old spirits. Here, visitors can walk with 'Diggers' down into the cryptic Underground Planet, the seemingly endless underground network of tunnels, and witness a dreary torture chamber and a pond that was once the site of a mass suicide. These esoteric experiences aren't just reserved for the subterranean; visitors who walk down Tverskaya Street might spot the famous and ghostly black cat at midnight. Meanwhile, Myasnitskaya Street is the home of the ghastly patriarch of the once-wealthy Kysovnikovys family who lost it all during a robbery and roams around muttering, 'Oh, my money, my money..', and then those who were hit hard on one of Kuznetsky Most Street's gambling houses might also enjoy getting picked up by a grey coach that will take them 'wherever their soul wishes'.

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