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Weekly English Rashifal(Aquarius ) /Aquarius Rashifal

Thursday, April 22, 2021

According to the weekly horoscope, the natives of Aquarius are advised to use homemade clean food instead of fried food outside. However, there will be some decrease in your workload this week, due to which you can waste a lot of your time sitting vacant. In such a situation, instead of using your time, you have to understand your work capacity and do something instead of just sitting vacant, which can increase your earning potential. This week, many people of your zodiac sign, not learning from past mistakes, again those. They will do the work of repeating it. Due to this, they may have to face very adverse results in their field of education. In such a situation, remember that, despite failing, you learn a lot. Apart from this, from the perspective of your love life at this time, you will have the possibility of achieving peace in life. On the other hand, if you are still walking away from a love affair, then during this time you will also try to tie yourself in a love bond with a good person. This means that you can meet someone special this week.

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Sun Rise Today At: 05:49:10

Today's Tithi: Dashami upto 23:37:53

Today's Nakshatra: Ashlesha upto 08:16:01

Today's Karan: Tetil upto 12:13:50, Gar upto 23:37:53

Today's Paksha: Shukla

Today's Yoga: Ganda upto 17:00:35

Day Today: Guruvara/Thursday

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