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Weekly English Rashifal(Capricorn ) /Capricorn Rashifal

Saturday, January 23, 2021

The natives of this zodiac will observe some major changes. Travelling to some nearby places will prove to be favourable for you in the beginning of this week. You will be able to make good relations with your parents. The middle of the week will give you satisfaction and happiness but you are advised to sacrifice your seriousness. Your creativity might be affected at the end of the week. In this pretext, you need to work on your expectation instead of thinking about others. Love life is going to be favorable throughout the week as the lovers will be able to eradicate their misunderstanding. At the same time, married people will also get the opportunity to come closer to each other.

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Sun Rise Today At: 07:13:29

Today's Tithi: Dashami - Up To 20:57:50

Today's Nakshatra: Krittika - Up To 21:32:48

Today's Karan: Tetil - Up To 07:46:40 , Gar - Up To 20:57:50

Today's Paksha: Shukla

Today's Yoga: Shukla - Up To 22:02:16

Day Today: Saturday

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