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The natives belonging to the zodiac sign Leo are ruled by the royal planet Sun. This planet becomes the significator of aspects like pride, honour, strength, self confidence, might and courage in the lives of Leo natives.

Symbol of Leo Zodiac Sign This particular zodiac sign is symbolised by a ‘Lion’. Just like a lion, the natives belonging to this sign are also very strong and courageous.

Physical Formation of Leo Natives

The natives belonging to the zodiac sign Leo have a modified brain and their heads are also usually large. Apart from this, the eyes and facial formation of Leo natives are quite attractive to look at and a special kind of radiance is seen in their eyes. There is a depth in their baritone and it is quite pleasant to hear from them.

Personality of Leo Natives

Many times, Leo natives fail in love because they expect a lot from life in general. The natives of this sign are quite optimistic and ambitious and their character also comes out as clean. They perform their tasks with utmost diligence and do not nurture feelings of hatred or favoritism for someone.

Hobbies of Leo Natives

Sleeping, watching movies, collecting various items, wearing fancy clothes and also eating scrumptious delicacies happen to be some of the most favourite hobbies of Leo natives and they also take these activities very seriously.

Flaws of Leo Natives

It is said that Leo natives invite troubles for them sometimes because they like to spend most of their time thinking about the past and the future, rather than focusing on the present. They also tend to get agitated very easily.

Education and Business of Leo Natives

Leo natives perform quite well in the fields of Medicine, Pediatrics and Cardiovascular diseases, Literature, Journalism, Political Science, Astrology etc. Apart from this, they can also acquire success in metal and stone related business.

Love Life of Leo Natives

Love is quite an important factor for Leo folks. However, they also get to experience this emotion after dodging innumerable difficulties. They get attracted to good food, a decent dressing sense and modest behaviour.

Love and Domestic Life of Leo Natives

Leo natives are very likely to face difficulties while getting married. However, their fortunes shine bright once they tie the knot. They are also very closely attached to their mothers.
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Shubh Muhurat

Ashubh Muhurat