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Woman Sends Revealing Photos To Personal Trainer After Misunderstanding

The video shows the woman's conversation with her trainer, revealing her big mistake.


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Last Updated: January 30, 2023, 18:48 IST

Delhi, India

Gemma Hill is a radio presenter at Heart West Midlands.
Gemma Hill is a radio presenter at Heart West Midlands.

Everyone’s dealt with their share of misunderstandings that have landed them in some sort of embarrassing situation. Waving back at someone who was actually waving at someone else or going in for a hug when the other person is extending their hand for a handshake– those are some common examples everyone relates with. But every now and then, one might do something so embarrassing that interacting with the other person after this instance seems like an uphill task. That appears to be the case with one UK mum who ended up sending extremely revealing pictures to her personal trainer because of a misunderstanding.

Gemma Hill, a radio presenter at Heart West Midlands, took to the short video-sharing app TikTok to explain a big blunder she had made. Her video revealed that she recently got a personal trainer, who asked her to take “before" joining the gym pictures in her underwear. Her trainer also told her not to breathe in or click pictures from a good angle to enhance her appearance. Hill followed the instructions and clicked the pictures. Then, she sent them to him.

The video then shows her conversation on text with her trainer, revealing her big mistake. He is seen clarifying that he meant she should keep the photos with herself for tracking progress. She didn’t need to send it to him. “Hey, sorry Gem, I meant take photos for yourself, not send them to me. So you can check out your progress," he wrote in a text.

Hill, mortified (understandably), wrote, “OMG I’m so sorry. What a t***. I thought I was meant to send them to you. How embarrassing. I’m so sorry." Turns out, her trainer’s partner was not as calm with the pictures as he was. It became evident from his next text, “No lol I don’t ask clients to send me pictures in underwear. I was eating dinner with my girl she’s quizzing me ‘who is this chick…"


According to the Mirror, Hill’s video had racked up over 130,000 views on TikTok. The comments section was flooded, too. One user said, “My PT told me to take pics but said do not send me them so I’m assuming others have before…"

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  • Another one said they were embarrassed second-hand after watching the video. Multiple other viewers were simply left in splits! Meanwhile, Hill has jokingly (or not) said that she might have to continue her fitness journey elsewhere, given the awkwardness.

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