Barack Obama Was Once Kicked Out of Disneyland For Smoking on a Ride

*Thug life meme plays in the background*

Parth Sharma ,
Ever since he bid adieu to the White House in November 2016, former US President Barack Obama's speeches have become more anecdotal, sharing his own personal experiences with the American youth and they, in turn, relating to his experiences.

According to CBS News, Obama was in Anaheim, California on September 8 to speak at a rally for seven Democratic congressional candidates ahead of the midterm elections.

In an effort to relate to the young voters in the crowd, Obama recounted a story from his college days when he travelled to Disneyland for the second time in his life to attend a concert. "We came down here not to go to the Matterhorn or do Pirates of the Caribbean, but to see Kool and the Gang," Obama shared.

Continuing with his story, Obama said that he and his friends hung around in Disneyland after the concert and got into the gondolas, also known as a narrow boat with a raised point at both ends. "I'm ashamed to say this—so close your ears, young people," he said. "But a few of us were smoking on the gondolas."

And the audience let out an audible reaction to the former president's confession, making Obama quickly reiterate that they were smoking cigarettes not marijuana. Obama said that two police officers came to the scene and asked him and his friends to leave, but letting them know that they would be welcome to Disneyland any other time.

Needless to say, the Internet went ballistic after Obama's confession.

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