Did No US Official Come to Receive Imran Khan at Airport for His Visit?

Meanwhile, Pakistanis on Twitter defended Khan's choice to travel using a commercial flight instead of a private jet while traveling to the US for three-day visit.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan was in for some trolling on the weekend when images of him arriving in the US for a three-day visit went viral. In the images, Khan can be seen being received by Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi at Dulles International Airport while no US official can be seen in sight.

To cut down on costs, the Pakistan PM took a commercial flight instead of a private jet to the US. Many in Pakistan praised the move as a sign of humility and also eco-friendly.




However, many pointed out that there were no US officials to greet the the Pakistan PM.

According to a report in Dawn, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan's Chief of the Army Staff, ISI DG Faiz Hameed and PM's Advisor for Commerce Abdul Razzak Dawood were also accompanying the PM. Khan will be holding talks with US President Donald Trump on July 22.

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