Looking For Daily Motivation? Himesh Reshammiya's Parody Account is All You Need in Your Life

Himesh is viral, again.

Anurag Verma ,
If you've associated Himesh Reshammiya with music till now, we've got some news for you.

Himesh Reshammiya in 2018 is talking about unemployment, health, the theory of relativity, Aap Ka Suroor 2 and churning out motivational quotes only for his hustling, hardworking fans.

But here's a catch. This Himesh is nowhere related to the musician Himesh you've known all along.

Surroorgasm, a parody account of the singer, has grown rapidly on Facebook and Instagram in the past few days. And you bet it is the best thing on the desi Internet right now.

Don't believe us? Get ready to be motivated in 3...2...1

(Friendly warning: Occasional strong language used in posts below)

Now that you're motivated enough, here's how Himesh is instilling energy in all of us.


Nothing but respect.

Himesh Sir is also a geek. Who would have thought?

The hit page is also a goldmine of memes and mashups.

The mastermind behind the page, Adarsh Vatsa, is a Himesh Reshmmaiya fan (duh!). "No doubt he (Himesh) is a musical genius. I used to be a fan of him in my childhood and he was the first ever rockstar that I witnessed. Also, he didn't just make songs back then it was a whole movement. Then I grew up and my music taste changed but his Surroor somehow survived in my nerves," Vatsa told News18.

Going by the virality of Himesh's memes are on the Internet, comedy collective All India Bakchod recently decided to join the bandwagon.

To take a deeper plunge, visit Surroorgasm here and here.

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