Mysterious 'Anaconda Eggs' in Kashmir Cause Fear and Eggcitement

'My Anaconda don't want none - cause they don't lay eggs, hun.' - Nicki Minaj.

Raka Mukherjee ,

Snake eggs may be a delicacy in some parts of the world - but in Kashmir in India, finding snake eggs is a cause of concern, especially when it is from a snake as dangerous as the Anaconda.

A local from the Pulwama district of Kashmir found a mysterious bag marked 'The Department of WildLife, Brazil.'


"The bag was sealed with the label," the local, named Showkat Ahmed, told The North Lines.

Inside, was what he claimed were 'anaconda eggs.'


Image Courtesy: CNS

Locals also vouched for his story, saying how there has been an increase in the number of snakes that mysteriously have started appearing in their orchards and farms - where the presence of snakes is a rare phenomenon.

"We never come across any snake in our fields but now we are perplexed and baffled,” they added.

A team from Wild Life Department visited different villages but said they didn’t find any snake anywhere.

“There is nothing new in it. In Kashmir, we find snakes at different places but the presence of anaconda snakes and eggs is totally new and strange,” said an official.

However - Anacondas do not lay eggs. Belonging to the Boa constrictor family of snakes, Anacondas reproduce by giving live birth to their young ones.

Often, however, owing to their huge size, Pythons are often confused for Anacondas and this could be the reason why people assumed that the eggs were belonging to an Anaconda.

The bags then definitely didn't contain any Anaconda eggs - so what did it contain? Where did it come from? All these questions remain unanswered.

People on Facebook, though, speculated widely about what the eggs are, and where they came from.

Thankfully, someone reminded them of the facts.

Earlier in June this year, in a small shop in the town of Sopore, a snake had caused outspread panic by appearing from between stocked footwear.

What species the eggs belong to is still debatable, as Anacondas themselves which are very found in extremely are occurrences in India, outside of zoos and reptile centers.

However, the number of snake sightings in Kashmir has gone up for sure in recent times - and perhaps the presence of the bag, along with the increasing number of snakes is a justifiable reason for the people to panic - as this may just be something that will lead to sinister situations.

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