This Kerala Tea Seller is Being Hailed as Superhero for His Bizarre Experiments With 'Chai'

Are you ready for the 'Tea-Man'?

Parth Sharma ,
For most of us, mornings don't start right without at least one cup of tea, the national drink of India by people's own admission. Of course, as evening comes, that one cup becomes six but we Indians can't help remain obsessed with chai. And catering to that very obsession are chai-wallahs who often come up with bizarre experiments to serve tea to their customers.

Recently, Twitter user Megha Mohan uploaded a 40-second video taken at 'The Chappati Factory' in Ponnani, Kerala.

In the video, a man can be seen with four glasses of tea. But wait, this isn't your ordinary tea. The drink is separated in three distinct layers - tea, cream, and froth. But the man knows that the drink is not to be enjoyed in separate layers but as a concoction. What does he do? He picks up the hot glass one by one and swirls them around so quickly that before you can process what has even happened, the tea is served on your table.

The video which has been viewed over 2,28,000 times on Twitter has users wondering how the man manages to perform the feat.

While some are wondering what force of Physics is at play here, others feel that the 'Tea-Man' deserves a Padma Shri for simply swinging the tea.

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