Vennu Mallesh's Homophobic Post Gets the Most Vennu Mallesh Treatment

Oh, well.

Anurag Verma ,
September 6 became a historic day for millions of LGBTQ Indians. With the Supreme Court finally decriminalizing Section 377 on Thursday, some LGBT individuals have already started to come out to their parents, friends, and on social media.

But the momentous judgement has also met with criticism from several sections of the society. Minutes after the Supreme Court ruled that gay sex among consenting adults is not an offense, Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy had expressed his disappointment with the verdict.

But he isn't alone. Vennu Mallesh, a singer and probably India's most popular 'meme', caught the eye of social media and his "fans" after he posted a photo that suggested the 'right' way was to insert a plug in the socket, rather than two plugs coming together. A metaphor for intercourse with the opposite sex.

"Picture says it All..," Mallesh wrote.

Clearly disagreeing with his post, his followers from all over the world came together to respond to him in the most Vennu Mallesh way ever.

For the uninitiated, Mallesh had unironically composed a song - 'It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do' back in 2012 that went insanely viral for its lyrics. Somehow, his lyrics perfectly fit as a response to his seemingly homophobic post.

It's my life, whatever I wanna do
It's my life, wherever I wanna go
It's my life, whom I wanna love, oooh
It's my life, whatever I wanna talk
It's my life, wherever I wanna walk
It's my life, whom I wanna leave oooh

I always search good in bad
I also search bad in good
I am a very good bad boy
I am a very good bad boy
I am a very good, bad, boy

Now that you get the essence, here's how his followers responded to his post.

At least his post was useful for someone.

Time for Vennu Mallesh to watch Vennu Mallesh song:

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