WATCH: A Rat Forced an Entire Building to Be Evacuated By Pulling a Fire Alarm

A rat caused an evacuation which an actual fire couldn't.

Raka Mukherjee ,
When a fire alarm goes off, often people assume that it's just a drill. Or something else, maybe a cigarette, triggering the smoke detector leading the alarm to go off. Or, an actual fire.

But it never is a rat. Well, so we thought until now.

But here's a bizarre news. A rat pulled a fire alarm inside a building in Washington DC - which led to the evacuation of the entire condo building. There was no fire, and there were no casualties caused by the rat pulling the alarm.

NBC Washington, however, acquired some camera footage of the event - which showed the unlikely scenario which unfolded - and showed a rat jumping up and pulling the hatch of the fire alarm.

Twitter was also pretty amused by the act.

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