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West Bengal Couple Sells 'Tiranga Masks', Priced at Just Rs 20, for Independence Day

A couple from West Bengal have decided to come up with tricolour masks to mark Independence Day.

Representative photo. Source: Twitter

India marks 74 years of independence on August 15, but this year celebrations are going to be a tad different than other years. India, along with the rest of the world, is in the middle of a global pandemic as the COVID-19 caseload surpassed 24 lakh on Friday after 64,553 people tested positive in a day.

Masks and sanitisers have become a mandatory part of our lives now. Do you remember the last time you stepped out with a mask?


A couple from West Bengal have decided to make most of the opportunity and have come up with tricolour masks to mark Independence Day.

According to a report by India Today, Khokon Sheikh and his wife have been busy manufacturing tricolor masks ahead of I-day and they're already selling like hot cakes.


The report says that Sheikh used to work in Mumbai but had moved back to his hometown a few years back. His business had been left in the shambles due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

In a desperate attempt to survive, the duo decided to start manufacturing tricolour masks. According to Sheikh, the masks serve two purposes - one, it will protect you from the virus and keep infection at bay and two, it will help you express your patriotism. The masks are priced at just Rs 20 per piece.

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