Shinzo Abe in Gujarat LIVE Updates: PM Narendra Modi, Abe Vow Fight Against Pakistan-based Terror Groups in Joint Statement
In a joint statement, PM Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe have called on Pakistan to bring to justice terrorist groups responsible for carrying out the 26/11 and the Pathankot attacks. The two leaders have also resolved to strengthen cooperation against Al-Qaida, Islamic State and Pakistan-based JeM and LeT. Earlier in the day, the two leaders inaugurated India’s first bullet train project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, which is expected to be completed by 2022 and is likely to traverse the distance of over 500 km between the two cities in around two hours.
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14:50 (IST)

India and Japan, in their joint statement, have promised to strengthen cooperation against groups like Al-Qaida, ISIS and Pakistan-based JeM, LeT and affiliates.

14:21 (IST)

India and Japan signed MoU on international academic and sports exchange between Sports Authority of India and Nippon Sports Science University. The two countries also signed a MoU between Department of Biotechnology and National Institute of Advanced Science & Technology. A MoU on the promotion of cooperation in research-related activities has also been signed.

13:52 (IST)

"I welcome India's stand on North Korea. Our partnership is for peach and prosperity. There will be naval cooperation between both countries," says Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

13:46 (IST)

"India and Japan have a partnership in fighting climate change. Our partnership goes beyond the normal strategic collaborations between two countries," says PM Narendra Modi.

13:45 (IST)

"With the help of India post and Japan post, we are ensuring that Japanese citizens can order food from their country. I urge the Japanese business community to open maximum number of Japanese restaurant chains in India," says PM Narendra Modi.

13:42 (IST)

"I welcome Shinzo Abe to India, especially Gujarat. I had the honour of visiting Sabarmati Ashram with him yesterday. In 2016-17 Japan has invested $4.7 billion, an 80% increase from previous year. This has made Japan the third largest investor in India," says PM Narendra Modi.

12:58 (IST)

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12:57 (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe are set to issue a joint press statement later today.

12:00 (IST)

Visuals of PM Modi and Shinzo Abe at Dandi Kuteer:

11:49 (IST)

JUST IN | Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe have reached Dandi Kutir in Gandhinagar. The place is home to the biggest museum on Mahatma Gandhi and marks moments from his iconic Dandi March.

11:04 (IST)

PM Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe are both leaving the venue after the conclusion of the ceremony.

10:59 (IST)

"It is also my dream like Abe san's that both of us would travel in the bullet train together the next time he's in India," says PM Narendra Modi.

10:57 (IST)

"Although the technology for bullet trains is from Japan, the train will be assembled in India. If technology is used to empower the poor we can win the fight against poverty," says PM Narendra Modi.

10:52 (IST)

"It's common notion that all new technology comes only for the rich but the reality is usually different. We want the bullet train to be accessible for the common man of India," says PM Narendra Modi.

10:49 (IST)

"We are honoured to have a friend like Japan, who is charging us only 0.1% interest for the loan, that we have to only repay it in 50 years," says PM Narendra Modi.

10:45 (IST)

"Transport system is essential for the development of any economy. We are moving from simple connectivity to high-speed connectivity. More productivity with high-speed connectivity is our motto," says PM Narendra Modi.

10:42 (IST)

"Today, Japan has proved that it's one of India's closest friends. Those who knew America's history, know that it was only after Railways came into the country that it changed their society and lives. Look at Japan, who ravaged the country was after the second world war and how it changed it around after bullet trains were inducted in 1964," says PM Narendra Modi.

10:37 (IST)

"Dreams push a country, society or individual forward. I congratulate every citizen of India for the groundbreaking ceremony of India's first bullet train. It is human-friendly and eco-friendly," says PM Narendra Modi.

10:31 (IST)

"If we work together nothing is impossible. Jai India, Jai Japan — PM Narendra Modi and I will ensure that it is so. I hope to travel with Modi on the Shinkansen the next time I'm in India. Dhanyawaad," says Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

10:27 (IST)

"Japan is glad to be part of the Make in India project. Japanese companies are also serious about India's pledge to make in India. Japan will share the highest level of security protocols of the Shinkansen. India and Japan's relationship has now grown to a special strategic global partnership," says Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

10:24 (IST)

"Namaskar. (sic) Today begins a new stage in our relationship and my happiness sees no bounds. We can see a brighter future ahead for both countries. After the second world war, we rebuild our country and in 1950's, everyone came together to build a high-speed railway — Shinkansen. The bullet train brought prosperity to Japan. PM Modi is a visionary leader, who is building a new India. There are over a 100 engineers from Japan who are already working in India," says Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

10:17 (IST)

PM Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe inaugurate India's first bullet train project. 

10:06 (IST)

"This project will not only revolutionise India's railways but also bring in huge employment opportunities. I would like to thank Shinzo Abe for helping out with the funds for this project. Many people criticised the introduction of Rajdhani but now it is the train everyone wants to travel in. I ask PM Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe to travel to Mumbai in the bullet train's inaugural run," says Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.

10:02 (IST)

"I was born in the same year as Japan's first bullet train was launched — 1964. 30 years back, Maruti and Suzuki's collaboration brought a revolution to India's car industry and today, another Indo-Japan collaboration will revolutionise the Indian Railway system," says Railways Minister Piyush Goyal

09:59 (IST)

"Mahatma Gandhi's fight for his country and equality started from a train. Then, the train was a symbol of the discrimination in society. Today, a train is bringing together two countries — India and Japan," says Railways Minister Piyush Goyal.

09:56 (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe are inspecting a model of the bullet train route:

09:51 (IST)

PM Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe arrive at the venue of the event for the groundbreaking ceremony of India's first bullet train.

09:41 (IST)

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08:40 (IST)

RECAP | Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday said the fare of the high-speed bullet train would be "affordable for all". "We will certainly keep it (the fare) affordable. If passengers pay less for a flight ticket, why would they travel by the bullet train? So, we have to be competitive," said Goyal. Meanwhile, officials said working out the fare details was premature at this stage, but added that the bullet train would have two categories of seats — executive and economy — with the prices comparable with the base AC 2-tier fare of the Rajdhani Express. They said in the initial days, around 1.6 crore people were expected to travel by the bullet train annually, adding that by 2050, around 1.6 lakh commuters should travel by the high-speed train on a daily basis.

08:35 (IST)

The Shiv Sena has hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bullet Train plan, questioning the need for the project. "The bullet train will run on the chest of farmers. There is no money for loan waivers, but there's enough for such expansive projects," said Sena.

08:33 (IST)

The Congress on Wednesday raised questions over Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's state visit to Ahmedabad and not the country's national capital and hoped it would not be used for political purposes in view of the forthcoming Gujarat assembly elections. Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said it was "quixotic" that Abe was not being hosted in Delhi. "We do not want to transgress propriety by commenting on a state visit but it is rather quixotic that the Prime Minister of a country as important as Japan, who is almost India's strategic partner in many respects, is strangely not even being hosted in Delhi," he said. He hoped a state visit was not being used for "political purposes" in view of the elections in Gujarat, slated to be held later this year. "With an election in Gujarat around the corner, it does raise a question — and I hope this is not the case — that a state visit is actually being used for political purposes because the manner in which it is structured is rather awkward," he told reporters here.

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