Padmavati Ghoomar Song: All You Need To Know About Deepika Padukone's 3 Kilo Gold Ensemble

Here's everything you need to know about Deepika Padukone's jewellery in the song Ghoomar, Padmavati.
A still from Ghoomar song. (Photo sourced from YouTube)

The first song from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati was unveiled on Wednesday and it's hard to not notice Deepika Padukone’s graceful moves. She has managed to mesmerize the audience with her performance of one of the most challenging dance forms. What makes the song more stimulating is the beautiful costume and jewellery that the actress is adorning. The 3-kilo jewellery, designed and created by Tanishq especially for the film, magnifies the Rajputi Bridal look flawlessly that Deepika is portraying in the film.


The traditional folk dance Ghoomar is one of the highlights of the film where the bride (Deepika Padukone) performs for the Queen Mother for the first time after her wedding.

The entire gold ensemble includes:


Triple Borla - The design team brainstormed to create borlas, an ornament worn on the head, but added layers to that to make it look more effective. Quite interestingly, the team ended up handcrafting a triple borla – a feat never tried before.

Choker - This exquisite traditional Rajputi Aad is made with the traditional handmade Gold technique called chittai. This handmade piece has to be entirely crafted by a single karigar to ensure the beauty of the pattern is uniform. The center-pieces are the flowers depicted by polki Kundan workmanship which is another unique technique of Rajasthan. To give grandeur to the


beautiful Aad, we pear shape leafy units have been added. Numerous small delicate Basra pearls are strung from each unit in this necklace to add elegance and to give it a fragile beauty.

Nath – Embellished with a beautiful peacock, this traditional nath is full of pearls and Moti jhalar

Traditional bangles – Also called the Gold bead pocchi, these bangles, worn by Rajasthani brides, are decorated with traditional red velvet on the inside.

Bazuband - The basic, traditional gold bazu is enhanced with polki and ruby tukdi used as embellishments to increase the grandiosity of the piece.

Payal – The heavy gold payal is given the extra touch with gold beads in red velvet for the song.

Sharing insights on the special jewellery pieces created for Depika Padukone, Queeta Rawat, Design Manager, Tanishq explained, “In the song, we needed to create very traditional Rajputi jewellery. Deepika is wearing triple borlas of graduating sizes as suited to her stature of a queen. One would normally see single Borla pieces worn by married women hence, we went out of our way to create a style statement for the actress instead of sticking to the usual design. Intricate techniques like Kundan setting, basra pearls gheri and meenakari were used to create the special borlas. These were then attached to the traditional Rajputi mathapatti made with polki and rubies in Kundan setting with numerous gold ghungroos in 5 lines which makes it extremely heavy."

"We increased the length of the mathapatti for Deepika’s comfort while she performs vigorous dance steps. While taking 66 twirls for the song that involves performers pirouetting while moving in and out of a wide circle, Deepika also managed to look graceful without an ounce of discomfort on her face despite wearing 3 kgs jewellery,” she added.

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