Potterheads are You Listening? GoT's Jon Snow Always Wanted to be Harry Potter

Can you imagine Game of Thrones' Jon Snow to play Harry Potter?
It's been more than two decades that the first book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone made it to the shelves. With the popularity and immense love from the readers, the series soon found its place in the theatres and Daniel Radcliff stamped his name to be the lead character.

Without any argue Radcliff is so closely associated to the franchise that it is almost impossible to imagine anyone else to play the iconic character. And given the large fandom who wouldn't want to fight the dark lord Voldermort. Recently in an interview with People's magazine Game of Thrones heartthrob Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington revealed that he always wanted to be Harry Potter.

Yes, that's true. At Toronto International Film Festival Harrington said, "I always wanted to be in a Potter movie. I always wanted to be Harry Potter.” But no matter how much we love Kit as Jon Snow, it is still hard to picture him as Harry Potter.

Apart from this, the actor was also quizzed as to why he is still seen in the Jon snow avatar, now that the filming of Game of Thrones is over. To this he replied, "We just finished filming. You can’t tell because I look exactly the same. They own me; they’ve just kept me like this.” Kit cannot ditch his look until he gets a go-ahead by the makers because he might have to reshoot some portion in case the need arises.

For the uninitiated, Kit Harrington shot to fame for playing the infamous character of Jon snow in Game of Thrones series. GoT's next season will premier in 2019 which will conclude the 8 years long series.

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