Apple Music Has Updated The Display of Artists Works: Report

A discreet update has been given to Apple Music, reorganizing how an artist's studio albums, live albums, playlists, singles and EPs are viewed.

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It looks as though a global rollout to Apple Music has taken place, according to reports by TheVerge and 9to5mac, making it easier to identify popular hits and complete studio albums. Previously the music platform would bundle a lot of the tracks together, meaning that studio albums were also shown with unrelated singles and so forth -- creating confusion and a cluttered view of the artists' different releases.

Now that's changed as the Singles & EPs get their own section, allowing full albums to be organized together. However this new way to discover an artist is currently only viewable in the ‘Search' area of Apple Music. This will be especially useful when users search artists they're unfamiliar with, giving a more chronological overview and better understanding of an artist's ‘Latest Hits', ‘Top Hits' and how the studio albums are compiled, while also offering options of additional singles, playlists, essentials and music videos.

And this is not the only improvement the brand is offering to its music lovers; now the $9.99 subscription service has launched 'Top 100' charts, so listeners can discover the Global Top 100, or narrow it down to a particular country -- Top 100: USA, Top 100: Australia, Top 100: France, ect. These lists will get updated daily and can be found in the 'Browse' section.

As for the new album display view, hopefully this is an update that will also be made to the Library section, although Apple have not officially confirmed its plans or current tweaks to its music platform.

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