Ola Becomes The First Mobility Provider For Indus OS Users

Smartphone users across India with Indus Operating System (OS) will have instant access to Ola’s services through the OS’ in-built default messaging app.

News18 Tech
Indus OS, the homegrown smartphone operating system has partnered with Ola, mobile app for transportation to extend the on-demand experience for Indus OS users. The partnership aims to power the mobility needs of citizens in a revolutionary contextual and seamless interface that is made to reduce battery and data consumption while making the experience intuitive.

Ola’s services will be integrated at the OS level, enabling new users to discover its benefits and existing users to increase engagement. This integration will also make the Ola experience available in English and 12 regional languages (catering to ~95% of the Indian population), enabling access to hassle-free commute for millions of Indians across India. Ola has integrated with Indus OS through the inbuilt intuitive messaging app of the OS, which makes access to Ola not only seamless but also invokes suggestions based on the context of the message.

Currently available in English and 12 regional languages (Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi), this partnership will significantly expand the user base who can avail of prompt mobility solutions.

How does this work?

-Indus OS users need to simply open their OS’ in-built messaging app and click on Ola among the suggested Brand Accounts to book a cab.

-Ola as a recommendation will also, pop up if any message has the context of mobility. For instance; a doctor’s appointment, confirmation messages of movie tickets, etc.

-Options of category and the cost for the ride will appear on the messaging window along with, suggested prompts for response.

-The messaging app will identify your location and open maps to enter the drop location

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