Panasonic EX 600 4K UHD (2017) TV Review: Bang For Your Buck

If you are not much into regular cable TV content and mostly rely on Amazon Prime, Netflix, online movies and gaming for your TV time then the Panasonic EX 600 4K UHD (2017) TV is a good buy.

Debashis Sarkar ,
Panasonic has earned its reputation in the Indian market for making quality televisions at competitive price. As far as the display panel of Panasonic TVs are concerned, it mostly lasts longer than others and are durable as well. The company had recently launched its EX600 series of smart TVs. The new EX600 series TVs are available in 55-inch, 49-inch and 43-inch screen sizes prices at Rs 1,78,900, Rs 1,41,000, Rs 78,900 respectively.

Panasonic also launched its UA 7 sound system to compensate for the flat sound quality of the TV. If you buy the 55-inch or 49-inch variant, then the UA 7 sound system comes for free. After using the 55-inch variant of the Panasonic EX 600 TV for a month here is what we think about it.

What’s cool?

If you are looking for a premium 4K TV in a tight budget, then the Panasonic EX 600 series is priced just right when compared to the likes of smart TVs from Samsung and LG. The 2017 EX600 series offers whatever you need out of the box. The TV looks very simplistic and there is really nothing to boast about the design. Assembling the TV could be quite a task for many users and it is highly recommended that you get someone from Panasonic to do it for you.

This IPS LED TV is a delight to watch. The overall display quality will easily please you and is comparable with costlier TV from other brands. The viewing angles and colour production will satisfy you and there is really nothing more you can ask from it. We mostly used the TV for gaming. And it easily managed to please us.

As far as watching regular TV content is concerned, everything looks great on it. The Panasonic EX 600 range supports Mirroring and you can connect your smartphone easily. Also, the likes of Netflix, YouTube are already pre-built on the TV. And of course, there is the internet browser along with a media player through which you can play content from your hard drives.

On the connectivity front there are two USB ports, three HDMI ports, LAN port along with regular input/output options. You can easily connect to the internet on this.

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What’s not so cool?

The native audio quality of the TV is bad. You will have to rely on the sound system. While it is free with the 55-inch and 49-inch variant, you will have to buy it separate if you opt for a smaller variant. Also, the TV doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity while the sound system does. So, you simply cannot ignore the dangling AUX cable.

The remote that comes with the TV is the same age-old one. It is very difficult to use this remote while using the internet browser or simply typing something.

UA 7 sound system

You will not feel like connecting this sound system to your TV. Instead take it to the terrace to power your house party. It is powerful and the music quality is outstanding. It is quite heavy but thankfully it looks great. The UA7 is an all-in-one sound system having 10 speakers - four woofers, four tweeters and two super-woofers. It is great for achieving the little home theatre experience that you crave for during weekends.


The Panasonic EX 600 along with UA 7 sound system is a sweet deal for someone wanting to experience 4K quality within a tight budget. If you are not much into regular cable TV content and mostly rely on Amazon Prime, Netflix, online movies and gaming for your TV time then it is a good buy. The 43-inch variant for Rs 78,900 is decent for small apartments but don’t forget to connect a decent speaker to it.

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