January 2018: Best Infographics of the Month

All you need to know about the Blood Moon phenomenon occuring tonight across India. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Top 5 Expensive buys at IPL Auction 2018. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Top 5 Biggest gainers from base price at IPL Auction 2018. (Image: Network18 Creative)

A quick look at reports of vandalism, arson, or other forms of protest across states due to the release of Padmaavat. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Sustainability of agricultural growth faces serious doubts & challenges, even in the midst of surpluses. (Image: Network18 Creative)

On Muhammad Ali’s 76th birth anniversay, Take a look at the numbers behind the legend. (Image: Network18 Creative)

A creative celebrating India's 100th successful satellite launch. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Here's a special infographic celebrating Bollywood's 'Greek God' Hrithik Roshan's 44th birthday. (Image: Network18 Creative)

With India’s first-ever international medal in skiing, here are few important things you need to know about Aanchal Thakur. (Image: Network18 Creative)

A comparison of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates’ net worth as the world’s richest person. (Image: Network18 Creative)

A quick recap of the IPL Retention Policy via infographic. (Image: Network18 Creative)

As two fire accidents in a week bring focus on fire casualties in Maharashtra, a look at lives lost in the state due to fire accidents. (Image: Network18 Creative)

An infographic on how old some of the prominent internet-based companies will be in 2018. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Celebrating Tintin's 89th birthday with this special infographic. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Here's the big fallout from the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath goverment trimming the number of holidays in Uttar Pradesh.(Image: Network18 Creative)

Building up to India’s Africa safari, here’s an infographic on why Indian fans should not be sweating too much. (Image: Network18 Creative)

With reports of a Chinese incursion in Arunachal Pradesh, here’s a map depicting border disputes between India and China. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Here’s what data says about caste conflicts in India. (Image: Network18 Creative)

In light of Dalit-Maratha clashes in Maha, here’s an infographic on the leading causes of riots. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Here’s an infographic on, How does Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai measure up to Prabhas' Baahubali 2 in terms of Box Office collections so far. (Image: Network18 Creative)

Here’s a map depicting New Year festivals in different regions of India and what it’s known as. (Image: Network18 Creative)