Pics of Arthur Road Jail Barrack 12 Where Vijay Mallya Will be Lodged

CNN-News18 has accessed the eight-minute-long video of Barack number 12 where the fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya will be lodged. Barack number 12 in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail is situated in a separate and an independent building.

Barrack number 12 is well guarded from both the sides and the particular barrack is guarded by the steel structure.

With a clearance of twenty feet from ground level, all three sides allow fresh air and free light. Check out the wide corridor that leads to the cell.

With 15 feet wide and 20 feet long in size, the cell is spread in 300 sq feet area. One side of barrack is protected by an iron wall and the other side has windows and ventilators which opens in the cell.

The cell has attached bathroom with all basic amenities.

With 3 fans, 6 tube-lights and 5 ventilators this is how Arthur Road Jail’s barrack no. 12 looks from inside.

The cell also has a 40-inch plasma TV.

Barrack number 12 has one main door, 3 windows and 5 upper ventilators for fresh air and free light.

For security police personnel are deployed round the clock. Six big hospitals are situated within 3-4 km radius from the jail.

Barrack number 12 is fully equipped with all the basic amenities.

However, Clare Montgomery, who is representing Vijay Mallya, said the video shows painted walls, they were not painted in the photographs submitted earlier.

Picture of Arthur Road Jail’s barrack number 12.

The barrack has 38.5 meters area for the walk and exercise. The jail also has 17.5 metres walking area outside the barrack.

Two watchtowers for the all-around security of the barrack.