First Stills: There's something creepy about 'Bhoot Returns'

Ram Gopal Varma is back with his first 3D horror film 'Bhoot Returns', a sequel to his film 'Bhoot'.

The new producers of RGV's sequel, Alumbra Entertainment and Eros International, had repeatedly requested Manmohan to give up the title claiming, the original creator was RGV.

As a result, RGV changed the title of his film from 'Bhoot 2' to 'Bhoot Returns'. The film marks the comeback of actress Manisha Koirala.

'Bhoot Returns' is made under the banner of Eros International and Alumbra Entertainment.

'Bhoot Returns' marks the comeback of actress Manisha Koirala along with her co-star JD Chakravarthy. The film will be released in theatres on October 12th.

The first poster of the film featured optical illusions, the first teaser displayed striking similarities with 'Paranormal Activity'.

[caption id="attachment_852849"] 'Bhoot Returns' was earlier named as 'Bhoot 2', some reports even suggested its name as 'Bhoooo', but the poster confirmed the name. The striking similarities with 'Paranormal Activity' are due to the treatment of 'Bhoot returns'.[/caption]

Written and directed by Oren Peli, 'Paranormal Activity' became an instant hit due to its horror content. The best thing about the film was its documentary style presentation. The teaser of 'Bhoot Returns' also shows the frames in fast forward motion, the same way 'Paranormal Activity' played the footage.

Ram Gopal Varma has managed to garner interest in his first 3D film 'Bhoot Returns' by launching an innovative first poster, which has an optical illusion of a girl with a bleeding lip.

The illusion has been created around the girl's eyes, and catches the attention immediately. Perhaps Varma wanted to give his audience a sense of the visual effects that are in store for them in 'Bhoot Returns', a sequel to his 2003 horror film 'Bhoot'.

The title tussle between filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and Nitin Manmohan has finally been resolved as the former has decided to name the sequel of his 2003 film 'Bhoot' as 'Bhoot Returns'.

Ram Gopal Varma had directed 'Bhoot', while Nitin Manmohan had produced it. After its success, 'Bhoot 2' as a title was registered by producer Nitin Manmohan's company because at that time Nitin Manmohan and RGV were together.

However, both of them later parted ways. Last year, Nitin Manmohan had announced that he is making 'Bhoot 2' with Vikram Bhatt as the director. But when Vikram came to know it was not done with RGV's consent, he backed out.