Storm Eleanor Batters UK: Thousands Left Without Electricity

Associated Press
A violent storm packing winds of up to 100 miles per hour battered parts of western Europe Wednesday, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes across France, Britain and Ireland without power and causing damage to trains and roads in Germany. (Image: AP)

Children stand on the seafront as a wave crashes over the sea wall in Aberystwyth. (Image: AP)

The storm, which included heavy rain, hail and lightning, also led to some bridge and road closures in England. (Image: AP)

In southwestern England, extremely high tides caused the partial collapse of a harbour wall in Cornwall, bringing seawater flooding in. (Image: AP)

The windstorm battered northern France with winds surpassing 90 mph. (Image: AP)

The country's main weather forecaster, the Met Office, says gusts reached 100 mph in Cumbria, 280 miles (450 kilometres) northwest of London, early Wednesday morning when the storm peaked. (Image: AP)

The storm then crossed the English Channel to damage power systems in France and Germany. (Image: AP)

The DFDS Dover Seaways passenger ferry is engulfed by waves in heavy weather as she approaches the Port of Dover, southern England. (Image: AP)