Delhi sees last of tough-talking Chinese envoy

Beijing removes diplomat who claimed stake on Arunachal.

Surya Gangadharan , CNN-IBN

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New Delhi: Sun Yuxi, China's outgoing ambassador to India, enraged New Delhi when he claimed Arunachal was part of Chinese. A year later the comment has cost him his job.

“In our position the whole of what you call the state of Arunachal Pradesh is Chinese territory, and Tawang (district) is only one place in it. We are claiming all of that—that's our position,” Sun Yuxi told CNN-IBN in November 2006 just days ahead of his President’s visit to India.

The Indian government angrily rejected the statement, and a year later Sun got his comeuppance. India conveyed Beijing a message that unless Sun was recalled, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would not send a final list of dates for his visit to China. The Prime Minister’s Office held its ground despite China’s initial refusal to concede.

Sun is seen as the man who drove Beijing's policy of stoking tensions along the border in Arunachal. From incursions into the state, to demolition of Indian army observation posts along the Bhutan border and objections to road building in Sikkim, Sun carried out his mission with a bullheadedness that drove South Block to silent fury.

South Block was irritated by Sun’s manipulation of the bilateral talks on border issue: from Aksai Chin in Ladakh to thousands of miles east in Arunachal, where India's insecurities run the deepest.

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