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22. Katghora is a state Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the state of Chhattisgarh and is part of Korba Lok Sabha/Parliamentary constituency. Katghora falls in Korba district and North region of Chhattisgarh. It is categorised as a urban seat.

There are a total of 1,97,527 voters in the seat, which includes 1,01,055 male voters, and 96,467 female voters. In the 2018 Chhattisgarh elections, Katghora recorded a voter turnout of 77.67%. In 2013 the turnout was 74.57%, and in 2008 it was 68.63%.

In 2013, Lakhan Dewangan of BJP won the seat by a margin of 13,130 votes (9.52%). Lakhan Dewangan secured 44.7% of the total votes polled.

INC won this seat in the 2008 Assembly elections with a margin of 6,966 votes (6%), registering 33.51% of the total votes polled.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP led in the Katghora Assembly segment of the Korba Parliamentary/Lok Sabha constituency.

Check the table for Katghora live results and for the list of all candidates in the 2018 Chhattisgarh Assembly elections in Katghora and to know who is leading and who has won in the elections, and who will be the Katghora MLA.

The detailed votes polled figures could be a little delayed and might not match with the live status above


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
BJP 61,64644.70Lakhan Dewangan
INC 48,51635.18Bodhram Kanwar
IND 11,0037.98Shankar Lal Rajak
GGP 3,9312.85Santoshkumar Yadav
NOTA 3,4342.49None Of The Above
BSP 3,2572.36Jagat Ram Sahu
SP 2,0721.50Anil Kumar Pandey
IND 1,3470.98Bhuwan Pal Singh Kanwar
IND 1,0370.75Fhuleshwar Prasad Surjaeha
PRCP 7980.58Raghvendra Pandey
JD(U) 4360.32Banshilal Patel
CSM 4280.31Prakash Anant


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
INC 38,92933.51Bodhram Kanwar
BJP 31,96327.52Jyotinand Dubey
IND 21,21518.26Govindsingh Rajput
BSP 7,6886.62Nandkishore Rathore
GGP 4,4413.82Sevak Ram Maravi
IND 2,4692.13Mania B S
IND 1,8111.56Bodhram Kanwar
GMS 1,2031.04Santosh Kumar Yadav
IND 1,2001.03Anand Rameshwar Kanwar
JCGP 1,0330.89Sanjay Kanwar
IND 8540.74Banshidas Panika
CGVP 8020.69Murali Mahant
IND 7420.64Bahursingh
IND 7150.62Kamal Prasad Patel
SP 6650.57Indar Kaur
JD(U) 4290.37Banshilal Patel

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