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Hadagali (SC)

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Live Status INC P.T. Parameshwara Naik Won
(Live status depicts real-time status and might not match with the detailed figures below.)

88. Hadagali (SC) is a State Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the Bellary district and Central Karnataka region of Karnataka and is a part of the Bellary Parliamentary/Lok Sabha constituency.

There are a total of 1,78,834 voters in the constituency that include general voters, NRI voters and service voters. Amongst the general voters 90,775 are male, 87,997 female and 11 others. The electorate sex ratio in the constituency is 96.89 and the approximate literacy rate is 71%

INC won this seat in the 2013 Karnataka Assembly Elections with a margin of 40,810 votes (35.15%) securing 51.11% of the total votes polled. In 2013 the seat witnessed a voter turnout of 73.89%.

BJP won this seat in the 2008 Assembly Elections with a margin of 6,518 votes (7.15%) registering 48.27% of the votes polled. In 2018 elections this seat witnessed a voter turnout of 57.05%.

Check the table below for Hadagali live results in the Karnataka Assembly elections 2018:

The detailed votes polled figures could be a little delayed and might not match with the live status above


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
INC 59,33651.11%P. T. Parameshwaranaik WON
BJP 18,52615.96%B. Chandranaik
KJP 18,17815.66%Madhunaik L
BSRCP 10,3008.87%Hemanhtkumar Bharati
JD(S) 3,8613.33%Dr. L. P. Naik Katari
IND 2,0981.81%Harish Kumar V
BSP 1,1130.96%K. Uchhengappa
CPI(ML)(L) 9270.8%B. J. Raghavendranaik
ANC 8850.76%A. K. Honnurappa
IND 8750.75%Ramanajaneya . T


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
BJP 43,99248.27%B. Chandra Naik WON
INC 37,47441.12%P. T. Parameswara Naik
JD(S) 3,1323.44%M. P. Naik
IND 2,3022.53%Hareesh Kumar, V
BSP 1,8532.03%H. M. Mahesh
IND 1,0671.17%K. Uchangappa
IND 7630.84%V. Dyamappa,
JD(U) 5490.6%S. Mothi Naik

Leads 2014 Lok Sabha Elections*

Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
BJP 58,67450.37%B. Sreeramulu WON
INC 52,41645%N. Y. Hanumantappa
JD(S) 1,6571.42%R. Ravinayaka
SUCI 1,1460.98%A. Devdas
BSP 4280.37%B. Ramudu (Addigeri Ramanna)
AAAP 4150.36%Malagi Shivakumar Giriyappa
IND 4020.35%N. R. Mallayya Swamy
PPOI 3600.31%K. Raghavendra
IND 3590.31%N. B. Krishnappa Nayaka
CPI(ML)(L) 2740.24%Doddamani Prasad
KAP 2090.18%G. Nataraja
CPIM 1510.13%Comrade S. Bheemappa
*Candidates leading in this particular Assembly segment of the corresponding Parliamentary constituency in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Note that the Lok Sabha winner might be different from the Assembly segment leader.

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