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Yadgir (Gen)

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Live Status BJP Venkatreddy Mudnal Won
(Live status depicts real-time status and might not match with the detailed figures below.)

38. Yadgir (Gen) is a State Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the Yadgir district and Hyderabad Karnataka region of Karnataka and is a part of the Raichur Parliamentary/Lok Sabha constituency.

There are a total of 2,31,116 voters in the constituency that include general voters, NRI voters and service voters. Amongst the general voters 1,14,900 are male, 1,16,192 female and 24 others. The electorate sex ratio in the constituency is 101.12 and the approximate literacy rate is 53%

INC won this seat in the 2013 Karnataka Assembly Elections with a margin of 9,104 votes (7.6%) securing 33.76% of the total votes polled. In 2013 the seat witnessed a voter turnout of 62.89%.

INC won this seat in the 2008 Assembly Elections with a margin of 4,536 votes (4.87%) registering 39.02% of the votes polled. In 2018 elections this seat witnessed a voter turnout of 61.05%.

Check the table below for Yadgir live results in the Karnataka Assembly elections 2018:

The detailed votes polled figures could be a little delayed and might not match with the live status above


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
INC 40,43433.76%Dr. Maalakareddy WON
KJP 31,33026.16%Veer Baswant Reddy
JD(S) 23,97720.02%Abdul Nabi Kadloor
BSRCP 12,72110.62%Moulali Anpur
BJP 3,5562.97%Chandrashekar Gouda Magnoor
IND 3,1412.62%Siddramappa
IND 1,7581.47%Basannagouda Naikal
IND 1,1030.92%Ananth Reddy Kandalli
IND 9320.78%Jalandhar Rao
BSP 8260.69%Basavaraj


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
INC 36,34839.02%A. B. Maalakraddy WON
BJP 31,81234.15%Dr. Veerabaswanthreddy Mudnal
JD(S) 16,68717.91%Srinivas Reddy Chennur
IND 2,8063.01%Riyaz Ahmed (Fairsh Tailor)
BSP 2,7082.91%Eshwar Chetan
LJP 1,4491.56%Sharanappa Sajjan
IND 1,3501.45%Amruthayya Basayya

Leads 2014 Lok Sabha Elections*

Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
INC 51,97547.56%B. V. Nayak WON
BJP 48,23144.14%Arakera Shivanagouda Nayak
JD(S) 2,8842.64%D. B. Nayak
BSP 1,5621.43%Raja Thimappa Nayak
SUCI 9620.88%K Somashekar Yadgiri
IND 8380.77%Chinnayya Nayak
CPIM 7490.69%M Nagaraj
PPOI 6200.57%Ranganayak
AAAP 5380.49%Bhimaraya Jaradabandi
NDEP 4930.45%Maruti
LSP 4250.39%Bhagavantappa
*Candidates leading in this particular Assembly segment of the corresponding Parliamentary constituency in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Note that the Lok Sabha winner might be different from the Assembly segment leader.

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