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226. Suwasra is a state Assembly/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is part of Mandsour Lok Sabha/Parliamentary constituency. Suwasra falls in Mandsour district and Malwa North region of Madhya Pradesh. It is categorised as a rural seat.

There are a total of 2,50,621 voters in the seat, which includes 1,28,652 male voters, and 1,21,962 female voters. In the 2018 Madhya Pradesh elections, Suwasra recorded a voter turnout of 81.99%. In 2013 the turnout was 80.68%, and in 2008 it was 76.02%.

In 2013, Hardeep Singh Dung of INC won the seat by a margin of 7,125 votes (3.86%). Hardeep Singh Dung secured 47.46% of the total votes polled.

BJP won this seat in the 2008 Assembly elections with a margin of 6,849 votes (4.74%), registering 46.21% of the total votes polled.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP led in the Suwasra Assembly segment of the Mandsour Parliamentary/Lok Sabha constituency.

Check the table for Suwasra live results and for the list of all candidates in the 2018 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections in Suwasra and to know who is leading and who has won in the elections, and who will be the Suwasra MLA.

The detailed votes polled figures could be a little delayed and might not match with the live status above


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
INC 87,51747.46Hardeep Singh Dung
BJP 80,39243.60Radheshyam Nanalal Patidar
IND 3,6781.99Manohar Bairagi Laduna
BSP 3,3101.80Balram Rathor Nai
NOTA 3,0141.63None Of The Above
SP 2,1121.15Gopal Suthar
BASD 1,8551.01Madanlal Suryawanshi Ranayra
IND 1,4210.77Munna Bhai Kumawat
SHS 1,0890.59Naharsingh


Party Votes Polled % Votes Candidate Name
BJP 66,75346.21Radhe Shyam-Nanalal Patidar
INC 59,90441.47Hardeep Singh Dang
IND 4,7873.31Parmeshwar Das Alias Tat Maharaj Bairagi
BJSH 3,3502.32Sant Ramji Ram Maharaj
LJP 2,9652.05Ratan Lal
SP 2,7401.90Bhagat Singh Chouhan (Gurjar)
SHS 2,3861.65Sandeep Rajguru
BSP 1,5741.09Rajeev Bhargava

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