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    D Ramesh NTK | Thattanchavady | Puducherry

    LIVE STATUS: loses
    • Age: 45
    • Gender: M
    Naam Tamilar Katchi

    D Ramesh is a NTK candidate from Thattanchavady constituency in the 2021 Puducherry Assembly elections. His profession according to the election affidavit filed with the Election Commission is: Driving. D Ramesh's educational qualifications are: Others and is 45 years old.

    His total declared assets are Rs 34000 which includes Rs 34000 in moveable assets and Rs 0 as immoveable assets. His total declared income is Rs 0 of which Rs 0 is self income. D Ramesh's has total liabilities of Rs 0.

    This NTK candidate, in the election affidavit mentioned 0 criminal cases registered against him.

    Candidates contesting in the 2021 Puducherry Assembly elections from Thattanchavady are: K Sethu Alias Sethu Selvam (CPI), N Rangasamy (AINRC), R Shanmugam (IJK), S T Narassingam (DMDK), D Ramesh (NTK), R Rajendhiran (MNM), Vimala Sree B (AMMK), C Anusuya (IND), L Manikandan (IND), K Murugan (IND)

    Follow the live updating tables to know the live election result status of D Ramesh (NTK) in 2021 Thattanchavady elections.

    Political Info
    Party NTK
    Constituency Thattanchavady
    State Puducherry
    Constituency Type General
    Candidate Info
    Criminal Cases --
    Education Others
    Total Assets Rs 34000
    Total Liabilities Rs 0
    Votes Polled
    Votes %
    Candidate Name
    • Graduate and above
    • Criminal cases
    • Assets more than Rs 1 crore
    • Deposit Forfeited
    Candidate Affidavit Data:


    Thattanchavady, Pondicherry

    9. Thattanchavady (தட்டாஞ்சாவடி), is an Assembly/Vidhan Sabha seat in Pondicherry region and Pondicherry district of Puducherry. It shares a border with . Thattanchavady is part of 1. Puducherry Lok Sabha/Parliamentary constituency. This seat can be categoried as: a constituency.

    Demographic profile:

    This General Assembly constituency has an estimated Scheduled Caste population of 11.19%. The estimated literacy level of the district in which this constituency falls in is 85.44%.

    In the 2021 elections, there were a total of 30,661 eligible electors, of which 14,418 were male, 16,240 female and 3 registered voters were of the third gender.

    The electorate gender ratio in Thattanchavady in 2021 is 1126.

    In the 2016 polls, there were a total of 30,551 eligible electors, of which 14,538 were male, 16,010 female and 3 voters of the third gender.

    In the 2011 Puducherry Assembly elections, there were a total of 26,827 eligible electors, of which 12,987 were male, 13,840 female and 1 voters of the third gender.

    The number of service voters in Thattanchavady in 2016 was 19. In 2011, there were 10.

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