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    S P Sivakumar DMK | Raj Bhavan | Puducherry

    LIVE STATUS: loses
    • Age: 62
    • Gender: M

    S P Sivakumar is a DMK candidate from Raj Bhavan constituency in the 2021 Puducherry Assembly elections. His profession according to the election affidavit filed with the Election Commission is: Business. S P Sivakumar's educational qualifications are: Graduate Professional and is 62 years old.

    His total declared assets are Rs 10.8 crore which includes Rs 4.1 crore in moveable assets and Rs 6.7 crore as immoveable assets. His total declared income is Rs 40.7 lakh of which Rs 7.3 lakh is self income. S P Sivakumar's has total liabilities of Rs 40.5 lakh.

    This DMK candidate, in the election affidavit mentioned 0 criminal cases registered against him.

    Candidates contesting in the 2021 Puducherry Assembly elections from Raj Bhavan are: S P Sivakumar (DMK), K Lakshminarayanan (AINRC), Anthony Sharmila (NTK), G Sathishkumar (AMMK), S Paruvadhavardhnie (MNM), M Sathiyan Alias Vimalan (IND), S K Subramanian (IND), N Mohan (IND)

    Follow the live updating tables to know the live election result status of S P Sivakumar (DMK) in 2021 Raj Bhavan elections.

    Political Info
    Party DMK
    Constituency Raj Bhavan
    State Puducherry
    Constituency Type General
    Candidate Info
    Criminal Cases --
    Education Graduate Professional
    Total Assets Rs 10.8 crore
    Total Liabilities Rs 40.5 lakh
    Votes Polled
    Votes %
    Candidate Name
    • Graduate and above
    • Criminal cases
    • Assets more than Rs 1 crore
    • Deposit Forfeited
    Candidate Affidavit Data:


    Raj Bhavan
    Raj Bhavan, Pondicherry

    14. Raj Bhavan (ராஜ்பவன்), is an Assembly/Vidhan Sabha seat in Pondicherry region and Pondicherry district of Puducherry. It shares a border with . Raj Bhavan is part of 1. Puducherry Lok Sabha/Parliamentary constituency. This seat can be categoried as: a constituency.

    As many as 85 constituencies, including this, registered a turnout which was 5% lower than that in the 2016 Assembly elections. Of the 85, 24 are from Assam, 31 from Kerala, 10 from Tamil Nadu, 16 from West Bengal, and 4 from Puducherry.

    Demographic profile:

    This General Assembly constituency has an estimated Scheduled Caste population of 8.56%. The estimated literacy level of the district in which this constituency falls in is 85.44%.

    In the 2021 elections, there were a total of 26,329 eligible electors, of which 12,227 were male, 14,100 female and 2 registered voters were of the third gender.

    The electorate gender ratio in Raj Bhavan in 2021 is 1153.

    In the 2016 polls, there were a total of 25,713 eligible electors, of which 12,067 were male, 13,645 female and 1 voters of the third gender.

    In the 2011 Puducherry Assembly elections, there were a total of 24,802 eligible electors, of which 11,621 were male, 13,181 female and voters of the third gender.

    The number of service voters in Raj Bhavan in 2016 was 3. In 2011, there were 1.

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