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      MONDAY, April 26, 2021
      SUNDAY, May 2, 2021

    Raidighi West Bengal ASSEMBLY ELECTION 2021

    • Const. No.: 134
    • Loksabha Seat: Mathurapur
    • District: South 24-Parganas
    • Swing Seat
    Constituency Data 2016
    Reservation for Unreserved
    Number of Voters 2,43,711
    Number of Male Voters 1,26,398
    Number of Female Voters 1,17,312
    Past Results 2016 2011
    Winner AITC AITC
    Turnout % 89.3% 90.47%
    Margin of Victory 1,229 5,553
    Margin of Victory % 0.56% 2.96%

    134. Raidighi (रैदिघी), is an Assembly/Vidhan Sabha seat in South East Bengal region and South 24-Parganas district of West Bengal. Raidighi is part of 20. Mathurapur Lok Sabha constituency.

    In the 2016 polls, there were a total of 2,43,711 eligible electors, of which 1,26,398 were male, 1,17,312 female and 1 voters of the third gender.

    In the 2011 elections, there were a total of 2,07,140 eligible electors, of which 1,08,213 were male, 98,927 female and voters of the third gender.

    The number of service voters in Raidighi in 2016 was 52. In 2011, there were 36.

    Votes Polled
    Votes %
    Candidate Name
    Debasree Roy
    margin: 1,229 (0.56%)
    Kanti Ganguly
    Sanghamitra Chaudhuri
    Gunasindhu Haldar
    None Of The Above
    Rajendra Naskar
    Purnendu Shekhar Mondal
    Amiya Gangopadhyay
    Arun Kumar Gayen
    Prasanta Mondal
    • Graduate and above
    • Criminal cases
    • Sitting MLA
    • Assets more than Rs 1 crore
    • Deposit Forfeited
    • Turncoat
    Candidate Affidavit Data:


    Voter Turnout
    Total Voters
    Victory Margins
    Winner Vote Share (%)
    News18 Constituency graph
    Const. Name 2016 2011
    Mekliganj AITC AIFB
    Mathabhanga AITC AITC
    Cooch Behar Uttar AIFB AIFB
    Cooch Behar Dakshin AITC AIFB
    Sitalkuchi AITC AITC
    Sitai AITC INC
    Dinhata AITC AIFB
    Natabari AITC AITC
    Tufanganj AITC AITC
    Kumargram AITC RSP
    Kalchini AITC IND
    Alipurduars AITC INC
    Falakata AITC AITC
    Madarihat BJP RSP
    Dhupguri AITC CPM
    Maynaguri AITC RSP
    Jalpaiguri INC INC
    Rajganj AITC AITC
    Dabgram-Fulbari AITC AITC
    Mal AITC CPM
    Nagrakata AITC INC
    Kalimpong GOJAM GOJAM
    Darjeeling GOJAM GOJAM
    Kurseong GOJAM GOJAM
    Matigara-Naxalbari INC INC
    Siliguri CPM AITC
    Phansidewa INC INC
    Chopra AITC IND
    Islampur INC AITC
    Goalpokhar AITC INC
    Chakulia AIFB AIFB
    Karandighi AITC AIFB
    Hemtabad CPM CPM
    Kaliaganj INC INC
    Raiganj INC INC
    Itahar AITC AITC
    Kushmandi RSP RSP
    Kumarganj AITC AITC
    Balurghat RSP AITC
    Tapan AITC AITC
    Gangarampur INC AITC
    Harirampur CPM AITC
    Habibpur CPM CPM
    Gazole CPM INC
    Chanchal INC INC
    Harischandrapur INC AIFB
    Malatipur INC RSP
    Ratua INC INC
    Manickchak INC AITC
    Maldaha INC INC
    Englishbazar IND INC
    Mothabari INC INC
    Sujapur INC INC
    Baishnabnagar BJP INC
    Farakka INC INC
    Samserganj AITC CPM
    Suti INC INC
    Jangipur AITC INC
    Raghunathganj INC INC
    Sagardighi AITC AITC
    Lalgola INC INC
    Bhagawangola CPM SP
    Raninagar INC INC
    Murshidabad INC INC
    Nabagram CPM CPM
    Khargram INC INC
    Burwan INC INC
    Kandi INC INC
    Bharatpur INC RSP
    Rejinagar INC INC
    Beldanga INC INC
    Baharampur INC INC
    Hariharpara AITC CPM
    Nowda INC INC
    Domkal CPM CPM
    Jalangi CPM CPM
    Karimpur AITC CPM
    Tehatta AITC CPM
    Palashipara AITC CPM
    Kaliganj INC AITC
    Nakashipara AITC AITC
    Chapra AITC AITC
    Krishnanagar Uttar AITC AITC
    Nabadwip AITC AITC
    Krishnanagar Dakshin AITC AITC
    Santipur INC INC
    Ranaghat Uttar Paschim INC AITC
    Krishnaganj AITC AITC
    Ranaghat Uttar Purba AITC AITC
    Ranaghat Dakshin CPM AITC
    Chakdaha AITC AITC
    Kalyani AITC AITC
    Haringhata AITC AITC
    Bagdah INC AITC
    Bongaon Uttar AITC AITC
    Bongaon Dakshin AITC AITC
    Gaighata AITC AITC
    Swarupnagar AITC AITC
    Baduria INC INC
    Habra AITC AITC
    Ashoknagar AITC AITC
    Amdanga AITC AITC
    Bijpur AITC AITC
    Naihati AITC AITC
    Bhatpara AITC AITC
    Jagatdal AITC AITC
    Noapara INC AITC
    Barrackpur AITC AITC
    Khardaha AITC AITC
    Dum Dum Uttar CPM AITC
    Panihati AITC AITC
    Kamarhati CPM AITC
    Baranagar AITC AITC
    Dum Dum AITC AITC
    Rajarhat New Town AITC AITC
    Bidhannagar AITC AITC
    Rajarhat Gopalpur AITC AITC
    Madhyamgram AITC AITC
    Barasat AITC AITC
    Deganga AITC AITC
    Haroa AITC AITC
    Minakhan AITC AITC
    Sandeshkhali AITC CPM
    Basirhat Dakshin AITC CPM
    Basirhat Uttar CPM CPM
    Hingalganj AITC CPI
    Gosaba AITC AITC
    Basanti AITC RSP
    Kultali CPM CPM
    Patharpratima AITC AITC
    Kakdwip AITC AITC
    Sagar AITC AITC
    Kulpi AITC AITC
    Raidighi AITC AITC
    Mandirbazar AITC AITC
    Jaynagar AITC SUCI
    Baruipur Purba AITC AITC
    Canning Paschim AITC AITC
    Canning Purba AITC CPM
    Baruipur Paschim AITC AITC
    Magrahat Purba AITC AITC
    Magrahat Paschim AITC AITC
    Diamond Harbour AITC AITC
    Falta AITC AITC
    Satgachia AITC AITC
    Bishnupur AITC AITC
    Sonarpur Dakshin AITC AITC
    Bhangore AITC CPM
    Kasba AITC AITC
    Jadavpur CPM AITC
    Sonarpur Uttar AITC AITC
    Tollygunge AITC AITC
    Behala Purba AITC AITC
    Behala Paschim AITC AITC
    Maheshtala AITC AITC
    Budge Budge AITC AITC
    Metiaburuz AITC AITC
    Kolkata Port AITC AITC
    Bhabanipur AITC AITC
    Rashbehari AITC AITC
    Ballygunge AITC AITC
    Chowrangee AITC AITC
    Entally AITC AITC
    Beleghata AITC AITC
    Jorasanko AITC AITC
    Shyampukur AITC AITC
    Maniktala AITC AITC
    Kashipur-Belgachia AITC AITC
    Bally AITC AITC
    Howrah Uttar AITC AITC
    Howrah Madhya AITC AITC
    Shibpur AITC AITC
    Howrah Dakshin AITC AITC
    Sankrail AITC AITC
    Panchla AITC AITC
    Uluberia Purba AITC AITC
    Uluberia Uttar AITC AITC
    Uluberia Dakshin AITC AITC
    Shyampur AITC AITC
    Bagnan AITC AITC
    Amta INC INC
    Udaynarayanpur AITC AITC
    Jagatballavpur AITC AITC
    Domjur AITC AITC
    Uttarpara AITC AITC
    Sreerampur AITC AITC
    Champdani INC AITC
    Singur AITC AITC
    Chandannagore AITC AITC
    Chunchura AITC AITC
    Balagarh AITC AITC
    Pandua CPM CPM
    Saptagram AITC AITC
    Chanditala AITC AITC
    Jangipara AITC AITC
    Haripal AITC AITC
    Dhanekhali AITC AITC
    Tarakeswar AITC AITC
    Pursurah AITC AITC
    Arambagh AITC AITC
    Goghat AITC AIFB
    Khanakul AITC AITC
    Tamluk CPI AITC
    Panskura Purba CPM AITC
    Panskura Paschim AITC AITC
    Moyna AITC AITC
    Nandakumar AITC AITC
    Mahisadal AITC AITC
    Haldia CPM AITC
    Nandigram AITC AITC
    Chandipur AITC AITC
    Patashpur AITC AITC
    Kanthi Uttar AITC AITC
    Bhagabanpur AITC AITC
    Khejuri AITC AITC
    Kanthi Dakshin AITC AITC
    Ramnagar AITC AITC
    Egra AITC AITC
    Dantan AITC CPI
    Nayagram AITC AITC
    Gopiballavpur AITC AITC
    Jhargram AITC AITC
    Keshiary AITC CPM
    Kharagpur Sadar BJP INC
    Narayangarh AITC CPM
    Sabang INC INC
    Pingla AITC DSPP
    Kharagpur AITC CPM
    Debra AITC AITC
    Daspur AITC AITC
    Ghatal AITC AITC
    Chandrakona AITC CPM
    Garbeta AITC CPM
    Salboni AITC AITC
    Keshpur AITC CPM
    Medinipur AITC AITC
    Binpur AITC CPM
    Bandwan AITC CPM
    Balarampur AITC AITC
    Baghmundi INC INC
    Joypur AITC AIFB
    Purulia INC AITC
    Manbazar AITC AITC
    Kashipur AITC AITC
    Para AITC INC
    Raghunathpur AITC AITC
    Saltora AITC AITC
    Chhatna RSP AITC
    Ranibandh AITC CPM
    Raipur AITC CPM
    Taldangra AITC CPM
    Bankura INC AITC
    Barjora CPM AITC
    Onda AITC AITC
    Bishnupur INC AITC
    Kotulpur AITC INC
    Indas AITC AITC
    Sonamukhi CPM AITC
    Khandaghosh AITC CPM
    Bardhaman Dakshin AITC AITC
    Raina AITC CPM
    Jamalpur CPM AITC
    Monteswar AITC CPM
    Kalna AITC AITC
    Memari AITC AITC
    Bardhaman Uttar AITC CPM
    Bhatar AITC AITC
    Purbasthali Dakshin AITC AITC
    Purbasthali Uttar CPM AITC
    Katwa AITC INC
    Ketugram AITC AITC
    Mangalkot AITC CPM
    Ausgram AITC CPM
    Galsi AITC AIFB
    Pandabeswar AITC CPM
    Durgapur Purba CPM AITC
    Durgapur Paschim INC AITC
    Raniganj CPM AITC
    Jamuria CPM CPM
    Asansol Dakshin AITC AITC
    Asansol Uttar AITC AITC
    Kulti AITC AITC
    Barbani AITC AITC
    Dubrajpur AITC AIFB
    Suri AITC AITC
    Bolpur AITC AITC
    Nanoor CPM AITC
    Labpur AITC AITC
    Sainthia AITC CPM
    Mayureswar AITC CPM
    Rampurhat AITC AITC
    Hansan INC INC
    Nalhati AITC INC
    Murarai AITC AITC
    March 30,2021
    West Bengal Elections 2021 Schedule