Cancer 22nd JUN - 22nd JUL

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Cancer Zodiac Sign - Characteristics, Behaviour and Personality

The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Those who are born under this sign are very deeply connected with their family members and household. They are also quite sensitive and emotional in nature. However, anger or temper switches on their rude side and they start manifesting a coarse behaviour.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Symbol : The symbol which represents this zodiac sign is crab, which is why such natives are filled with emotions like sensitivity, timidness, delicacy and benevolence. The Moon is considered to be the significator of one’s mind which is why Cancerians can map the other person’s thoughts and emotions, even when the person doesn’t make it apparent.

Physical Formation of Cancer Natives : Cancerians are generally of the common height. Apart from this, the fingers of Cancer natives are very thick and their palms are also very soft. Cancer associated individuals also have bruises or mole marks on their head.

Personality of Cancer Natives : Cancer individuals are very determined and also weak at the same time. As mentioned before, they are quite emotional in nature and also try to keep a tab on the lives of other people. If they take a certain project into their hands, they make sure to conclude it successfully.

Hobbies of Cancer Natives : Some Cancer natives take interest in helping out others, charity, donations, getting associated with social welfare organisations and work for them, while some others make it a prerogative to do such things which keeps them happy and satisfied internally.

Flaws of Cancer Natives : Cancerians do not hesitate to even ignore a close friend when he/she goes against that person. They have some bizarre wishes of their own, which can only be nurtured by a small child and when they do not see them getting fulfilled, they tend to get angry.

Education and Business of Cancer Natives : Cancerians have special interest in fields like Philosophy, Economics, Acting, Nursing, Law, Engineering, Astrology, Mathematics, Education. They believe in doing mental labor, so they are graced with a special amount of success in any kind of industry work and business.

Love Relations of Cancer Natives : When it comes to love and relationships, Cancer natives are quite serious. They do not entertain any kind of inadequacy in their love affairs. However, love can also be the reason for their downfall sometimes, which is why it is advised to remain careful in such matters.

Domestic and Marital Life of Cancer Natives : Cancerians usually do not entertain the interference of their life partners in any of their matters. They are quite honest and faithful in nature and this trait of theirs comes in their way of making money and striking it rich. The male natives tend to be somewhat henpecked. Also the household of the concerned individuals remain free from all kinds of quarrels and differences.

Friends of Cancer Natives : Cancer natives maintain a friendly relationship with the folks registered under the signs Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo. However, they do not maintain amicable relations with other Cancerians.

Lucky Number For Cancer Natives : 2 and 7

Lucky Colour For Cancer Natives : White, Light Blue and Cream Colour

Lucky Day For Cancer Natives : Monday

Lucky Gemstone For Cancer Natives : Pearl

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