Capricorn 22nd DEC - 19th JAN

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Capricorn Zodiac Sign - Characteristics, Behaviour and Personality

The zodiac sign Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Because of coming under the governance of Saturn, Capricorn folks tend to be quite disciplined. If they undertake any task, they make sure only to rest after accomplishing it successfully.

Symbol of Capricorn Zodiac Sign : The symbol which represents the zodiac sign Capricorn is Makara or the horned goat. In the realm of Hindu mythology, it is considered to be a sea creature. one can see remnants of terrestrial animals in one half of its body and the remaining half depicts the tail of aquatic creatures like deer, crocodile, elephant, fish.

Physical Structure of Capricorn Natives : Natives belonging to the zodiac sign Capricorn are skinny and light weighted. Also, their height happens to be average.

Personality of Capricorn Natives : Capricorn natives tend to be self centred. They are also very stubborn by nature. Apart from this, Capri folks are ambitious, serious and very devoted to their profession.

Hobbies/Likes of Capricorn Natives : The memory power of Capricorn natives is tremendous. When it comes to economic matters, they keep their eyes and ears open and move forward very carefully. They understand their duty and responsibilities very well and perform their tasks with utmost sincerity.

Flaws of Capricorn Natives : They tend to get irritated very easily. Along with this, some amount of arrogance is also seen in their behaviour. Carrying out tasks in a hurry can also be listed down as one of their flaws.

Education and Business of Capricorn Natives : Capricorn natives are very much inclined towards the field of academics, which is why they have a very good hold over their studies. If we talk about business, then they can do very well in the fields of Insurance, Electricity, Department Commission, Machinery, Contracting,Betting etc.

Love Relations of Capricorn Natives : Capricorn natives also tend to be very lucky in love. They are quite dedicated towards their partners. At the same time, some Capricorn natives also come out as loners.

Marital and Domestic Life of Capricorn Natives : The domestic life of Capricorn natives also remains full of difficulties and challenges. At the same time, if we talk about their marital status, then it tends to be a happy and blissful one.

Friends of Capricorn Natives : Capricorns maintain friendly relations with the ones who are registered under the signs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius. If we talk about their enemies, then they are the ones who belong to Cancer, Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs.

Lucky Number for Capricorn Natives : 8

Lucky Colour for Capricorn Native : Black

Lucky Day for Capricorn Natives : Saturday

Lucky Gemstone for Capricorn Natives : Sapphire


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