Gemini 21st MAY - 21st JUN

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Gemini Zodiac Sign - Characteristics, Behaviour and Personality

The natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini come under the governance of Mercury. They tend to be quite quick-witted and lively in nature. Along with being utterly curious about everything, Gemini natives are also hailed for maintaining a clever outlook. The speciality of Geminians help them to stand out in the crowd in any social gathering.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Symbol : The zodiac sign Gemini is symbolised by ‘the twins’, which makes it clear that along with being attractive, they are also of very friendly nature. Also, Gemini folks are intelligent as well as eloquent.

Physical Structure of Gemini natives : Gemini people usually taller than the average height. Apart from this, people of this zodiac have sharp eyes, less density of hair, thin nose, long arms and a pointed chin. People of this zodiac are known for speaking in a fearless and straightforward manner.

Personality of Gemini Natives : Gemini natives of timid and impatient nature. However their personality and character charms the hearts of many. Such people have a very good hold over the field of politics. Geminians are also of quite religious nature and they take more interest in charity, donations and are also very focused in whatever they do.

Hobbies of Gemini Natives : Gemini natives garner hobbies like travelling, stitching embroidery, reading books, watching movies and many others. They always make it a prerogative to divert the attention of people towards themselves. However, once something like that happens, they tend to lose interest in the other person.

Flaws of Gemini Natives : Gemini natives are not very courageous. Apart from this, they get engaged in many things without calculating the pros and cons. Once bewilderment sets in, they leave those tasks in the midway, without giving a proper conclusion to it.

Education and Business of Gemini Natives : : Gemini natives have a partial understanding of many diverse topics. Their dominance in knowledge is very widespread. When it comes to business, they do not get as much success as a service can provide them with. Hence, they are advised to get enrolled in a job and lead a comfy professional life.

Love Relations of Gemini Natives: : Gemini natives get instantly attracted to the ones who are associated with art, music and other cultural activities. They are also quite careless in nature, because of which they end up being a failure in love.

Domestic and Marital Life of Gemini Natives : Gemini folks commit the mistake of getting involved in more than one love affair, because of which their love does not acquire the seal of success. Yes, they also come forward to help their relatives and family members but receive the wrong price for it.

Friends of Gemini Natives : Natives belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini continue to make friends with those people who are registered under the signs Taurus, Virgo, Leo and Libra. However, they are advised to remain careful of Cancerians.

Lucky Number For Gemini Natives : 5

Lucky Colour For Gemini Natives : Yellow and Saffron

Lucky Day For Gemini Natives : Wednesday

Lucky Gemstone For Gemini Natives : Emerald


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