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AAP and broom usher in a new kind of politics

Afsar Ahmad

Updated: December 10, 2013, 6:23 PM IST
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After several years I saw something on the political scene of the country which is unbelievable. I saw on Sunday the emergence of a new political force which is poles apart from the BJP, Congress and other regional parties. The party in question was being discussed for the last few months when it had taken birth after a high-decibel anti-corruption movement. The new party has pushed many political heavyweights into oblivion.

Yes friends, I am talking about the Aam Aadmi Party.

About three years ago I wrote a blog -India @ 2050. In that I wrote that the country's existing two major political parties, Congress and BJP, will over the next few decades will either become extinct or we will see a major overhaul of them. You can say that with the rise of AAP begins the end of these parties.

Either these parties must change completely or they will come apart. It may seem strange to many, but this is the truth.

A new and politically aware India is emerging. India that wants the leaders to provide good roads, water, electricity, corruption-free systems, and not just talk about issues but also tackle them with their heart. This India does not want a politics of religion, race or any other controversial issues.

Till December 7 there were two political kings in this country, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

But December 8 saw the emergence of a new politician named Arvind Kejriwal. He is unique, he surprises people, he is the product of a movement and is a reflection of common man. He talked about development and not religion, caste of community.

But why did Modi's aura dim in Delhi and the Rahul Gandhi failed?

The reason can be found in the events of the past few decades.

There are many occasions when these parties have proven that their own interests are more greater then public interest. People saw how these parties failed Anna Hazare on the Lokpal Bill which was supposed to eliminate corruption from politics.

Even after several years of independence the Lokpall Bill is yet to be passed by Parliament. People are not fool and they have seen that there is hardly any political party untouched by corruption.

One can write a massive book on Congress's corruption and the BJP is no better. Whether it BS Yeddyurappa or Bangaru Laxman or some tainted ministers in Gujarat. Both are the same.

One more similarity is that both parties also use religion. BJP has an anti-Muslim image, the Congress is notorious for Muslim appeasement.

None of these parties form any political plan which does not have religion and/or caste in mind. They are also responsible for the increase of religious animosity.

For how long can these parties tell the society that we are there to protect you when they are actually spreading hatred. By giving AAP a massive support the people of Delhi have sent alarm bells ringing in these two parties that either change your track or we will finish you by our vote.

India is seeing many important bills stuck in Parliament because our political parties are busy fighting each other. Congress is no saint and equally responsible for this.

For example, women's reservation bill, anti-riots bill and others important bills have not been passed in Parliament because Congress is serious about them. The Congress will always calculate the political advantages before taking any step and it it is never about the people. If this is not so why has been Food Security Bill passed but Lokpal and Women's Reservation Bill are still stuck.

Another thing is that both parties do not have democratic character.

One party is controlled by the Gandhi family and other by RSS. Their policies and ways of working do not guarantee any democracy.

Rahul became Congress Vice President without any worthwhile achievement against his name. Modi's selection as PM candidate also raises questions about the way the party functions. Was he selected purely by the top leadership or by the will of RSS?

The aam aadmi knows the truth. Both are PM candidate - one declared and other undeclared. In fact both have been imposed on the people of the country.

But the rise of AAP is the start of a new kind of politics. This shows that the common man is no longer helpless. Now he can take the broom and clean the dirt and filth of the country. The common man is angry and wants major changes or will just clean all the political dirt using a broom.

The emergence of Kejriwal and his party shows that wants clarity and don't want to be shown a mirage. So AAP must make sure that whatever it commits, it delivers or the people will clean AAP using its own groom. Today everyone is praising AAP but if the party fails to deliver, the same set will target the party.

Ye Public hai...Sab Janti Hai...! Be committed to your words!
First Published: December 10, 2013, 6:23 PM IST

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