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Delhi gangrape: Third India wants justice

Afsar Ahmad

Updated: December 22, 2012, 3:22 PM IST
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Till now, we have known two kinds of India. One which supports the government and second that supports the Opposition. Post independence, these two types of India continuously decide the fate of our country. Now, a third type of India is rising. These are people who kept silent till now or we can say, they believed that 'sab chalta hai'. Now leaving behind our disappointment, this India is saying: "Sab nahin chal sakta, change the system". Yes, this is the third India which stood up during the Anna agitation. These are people who are now agitating across India. Now the question is why suddenly did this India rise up? In my view, there are several reasons for this. The first reason is the birth of social media. Second, system failure and the third is the paralysis of our political system.

It is social media which gave immense confidence to common men. Social media made a common man realize that he is not the only person who suffers from police, politics, judiciary, corruption and crime. There are other people also who want to raise the same issues via social media. That is the same voice which changed the Egyptian throne. The same voice echoes on India Gate, outside the President House, Sonia's house. Social media has become the new epicenter of the right to free speech. People not only criticize the corrupt system but they also come out on the road to protest this. While Anna movement spread out across India, most of the people, especially in the government, were really stunned to see this. In free India, never has this type of agitation occurred, specially out of political umbrella. But this happened. During Anna agitation people realized their power. Now this India is not ready to bear or see any wrongdoing. The Delhi gangrape raised the same aggression which we saw during the anti-corruption agitation. The youth are saying: We want justice. In my view, ignoring this India will be suicidal for these two India because this third India includes 99 percent people of India.

The second reason for the rise of third India is totally because of the system. Without any hesitation, we can say that neither judiciary nor police is correct. Tell me how many times the police register FIRs without any hesitation. Just because they have to work on one more cases, increasing the number of cases gives them fear of bad performance. Because of this, a victim has to put his 100 percent to file even an FIR. In case of any crime, the first fight starts from police station to lodge FIRs. After that, it is not necessary that investigations will happen properly because corruption is sitting in their path. This corruption follows the sufferer from police stations to courts. Many a time, the complainant are dead before any justice delivered. In our country court cases live more then people's lives. Many a times we have heard that justice delayed is justice denied. I am asking the Chief Justice of India to take a revolutionary decision. We all fear that if we say something about the courts, they will summon us and start defamation cases. It is when every case has a deadline, when there are more and more fast track courts and the courts are freed of the evil of corruption. Then there is the bureaucracy. They are the veterans of corruption. We can give them gold medal in this. Here we found most of the dirt which needs heavy cleaning.

The third reason for the rise of third India is our political system. In my view, it is the biggest culprit in our democracy. We have a system. According to it, people send their representatives in parliament every five years. What have they given us in return? Distance and conflict between religions, casteism, regionalism, corrupt system, handicapped development? If I say these are the achievements of our politicians after the independence, I won't be wrong. If this is their achievement, then why shouldn't the third India not ask politicians about there achievements? Why shouldn't they agitate? Why shouldn't they go to the India Gate, demonstrate outside the President House and Sonia Gandhi's house? Why wouldn't they form a party like AAP. All politicians are proven losers. They sleep in Z level security while our daughters and sisters are raped and tortured brutally in a moving bus. Today when these people are on the ground, everyone is showing sympathy to this girl. But what about those girls who are raped daily in our country. Awake. Before this third India makes a Tahrir Square here.
First Published: December 22, 2012, 3:22 PM IST

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