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Imposition of Hindi as the 'national' language makes me believe that Karnataka is an independent nation

Kiran Batni kiranbatni

Updated: June 24, 2014, 2:18 PM IST
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The indoctrination that Hindi is India's national language is widespread. Despite there being no mention of it in the Constitution, and despite clarifications by the Judiciary, the assertion that Hindi has this status continues unabated. In the recent mess over the diktat that Hindi should be used as the language for Centre-State communication, created by the Modi's government, this assertion was heard very frequently and openly. Everyone in the Central government seems to be convinced that Hindi is the national language, and did not hesitate to claim so in television and newspaper interviews. It is only the one-off Tamil or Bengali who dared to point out the error in this assertion, the others having been fully indoctrinated or considered insignificant to deserve media attention.

But which is more real? What is written in a book which nobody cares about, or what the majority believes to be real? That is, does it matter that the Constitution of India does not mention that the national language is Hindi? Is it not more important that a majority in India believe it to be true? I have always argued that the former matters more, but maybe, just maybe, I should switch to the latter. May be I should bow to the indoctrination. May be I should start calling Hindi the national language.

But there are problems when I do that as an Indian. Big problems. For example, every non-Hindi speaking person in India is a foreigner held captive in India, mouth gagged and given a "learn the national language" book. Now, why should we the Kannadigas, the Tamils, the Assamese, the Marathis, etc., that is, the non-Hindi speaking people, that is, the foreigners, continue in this nation? Why should we be second-grade citizens of a nation? Why should we not form our own nations in which we are first-grade citizens? I hope those who assert that "Hindi is the national language" see the point. The more they assert that, and more importantly, the more they act as if it's that (overtly or covertly), the more they destroy India's political unity and make me believe that Karnataka is an independent nation under attack from Indians.
First Published: June 24, 2014, 2:18 PM IST

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