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Netra Agarwal

Updated: July 29, 2013, 4:15 PM IST
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They were in the same room. While one walked around greeting everyone, the other just decided to sit uptight to avoid any indecorous moment. Tension hung thick as a fog in the room. But then came a pat, followed by a hug, and of course came in a thunderous applause. May be a few tears rolled down too. If you are mistaken, then let me clarify that this is not a cheeky narration of a Bollywood potboiler, but that's what happened when the long lost Karan and Arjun of Bollywood decided to end their five-year long cold war much to everyone's delight. It's almost like India outpaced China with blinding speed making India's fractured economy the best in Asia. Alas! It was not that but it was Bollywood's two biggest stars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan hugging and calling it a truce, or so we think.

I remember getting back home on Sunday night all happy and in high spirits but it appeared that my family was in better spirits all thanks to the two legends hugging and making peace with each other. Looking at their happiness I realised probably even if this is staged or forced or even a courtesy hug for the paparazzi, what does this new found friendship mean for the world peace? Oops! I did go over board there. All I wanted to say was what does this hug mean for Bollywood and rest of us?

It means that now if Shah Rukh Khan decides to make a guest appearance on Salman Khan's popular reality show 'Bigg Boss', it will not just grab millions of eyeballs but will also mean never before seen TRP rise for the channel in question. It means that now Salman and Shah Rukh loyalists will be able to switch camps and thanks to that we could see some fresh pairings in Bollywood in comparison to the old, repeated and insipid ones. And believe me, which could mean a fresh of breath air for not just the viewers but Bollywood fraternity too. It also means that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan now will not steer clear of each other and happily make a beeline to pose at all the red carpet ceremonies and set example of true 'bhaichara' in Bollywood. Two big superstars even if pretending to pose always makes for pictures for keep. But now certainly the journalists will have to put in a lot of research before heading out to interview both the stars because the questions related to their rivalry which usually were followed by some really interesting soundbites taking pot-shots at each other will take a back-seat. And that I will certainly miss.

But are we expecting them to give us another 'Karan Arjun' which could probably shatter all the current box-office records? Well, only time could tell that. For now, we could suggest others to take a cue and bury the hachet? Hmmm, Salman are you listening? May be, Vivek has something new to say? Anyway, as they all keep saying, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.
First Published: July 29, 2013, 4:15 PM IST

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