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2-Year-Old Who Got Her Head Stuck In Cake Pan ‘Wore It Like A Shawl’

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Last Updated: February 09, 2023, 12:42 IST

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The incident took place in central Pennsylvania.

The incident took place in central Pennsylvania.

"She wore it like a shawl around her shoulders until the firemen got there," the toddler's mother informed.

Kids sometimes end up doing the wackiest things. Just like this 2-year-old who recently got her head stuck in a cake pan. As reported by Now This, the incident took place in central Pennsylvania, US. The mother of the baby girl dialled 911 to seek help. The mom, identified to be Erin Meixel, was utterly perplexed to watch her little daughter Quinnley’s head stuck inside a cake pan.

When the mom couldn’t free her, she called up 911 to solve the problem. The firefighters who responded to the call freed the toddler by cutting the pan. This allowed them to remove it from around her neck. While speaking to the portal, Quinnley’s mom revealed that her daughter acted like a trooper and wore the pan as a Shawl until the help arrived. “She wore it kind of like a shawl around her shoulders until the firemen got there. She was a trooper. She could still eat and drink while she had this tin around her,” Erin Meixel said.

She further joked that the crazy genes run in their family by revealing one of her personal bizarre experiences from her childhood days. Seemingly, the toddler’s mom also once got her leg stuck in a plastic chair. Photo of the unusual incident has gone viral on social media leaving netizens to burst out in laughter. Check out the picture here:

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While responding to the photo, a user wrote, “Kids always doing crazy stuff.” Another commented, “Lol. This is a classic! This brought me so many memories. I have pictures of my son growing up with his head stuck in random places.” One more chimed in to highlight, “Man, these kids are something else. I’d bet she has a thousand other toys to play with.”

Meanwhile, a user joked, “Have kids, they said,” another used a hilarious wordplay, “This story takes the cake.”

Quinnley was unharmed and her mother Erin was thankful to the firemen who quickly arrived to help the family.

Previously, a 5-year-old boy was recused by firemen whose leg got stuck in a tree while playing in the woods near his house on Chardavoyne Road, Warwick. The first responders had to swiftly cut the tree to free the little boy.

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first published:February 09, 2023, 12:42 IST
last updated:February 09, 2023, 12:42 IST