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Bengaluru Man Gets Midnight McDonald's Delivery In '10 Seconds'

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Last Updated: February 09, 2023, 18:49 IST

Bengaluru, India

The man drove to a McDonald's outlet but it was shut.

The man drove to a McDonald's outlet but it was shut.

After finding that the McDonald's outlet was shut for all customers, the man order food online and changed the delivery location.

Waiting for food to arrive feels like the longest hour when ordering from an online application. But for this Bengaluru man named, Caleb Friesen, it was just a matter of a few seconds. It so happened that he wanted to enjoy McDonald’s food, but it was already midnight. He did make an attempt to drive to an outlet, but it was shut for all customers. The man did not wish to return home disappointed and hence devised a smart plan to cheat the system which got his order delivered within 10 seconds.

After seeing a bunch of delivery guys hovering outside the pick-up window of the fast-food joint, the man got an idea. He quickly used the online food delivery platform Swiggy to place his order and changes his drop-off address to the location right outside the food store. Within 10 seconds, a delivery guy walked out with his order. While sharing details of the incident, the man wrote, “Drove to Koramangala for midnight McDonald’s, they said they were closed, but the pick-up window was full of delivery guys. What to do? I ordered Swiggy from McDonald’s to McDonald’s. 10-second delivery achieved.”

He also captured the moment of his delivery in a video and then shared it online via Twitter. In the clip, the Swiggy rider smilingly hands the order to the man, who promptly says it is the fastest delivery he has ever received. The delivery guy adds that it is the fastest order he has ever delivered.

Watch the video here:


The interaction with the delivery executive did not just end there. It seems that the two took a brief moment to talk about themselves when it was revealed that the delivery guy also runs a YouTube channel. “Sanjay was the one who brought me my order. He makes YouTube videos as a side hustle which he wants to turn into his main hustle, check him out on YouTube at hellosanjay,” read the follow-up tweet to the video.

The unusual food delivery story grabbed the attention of multiple users on the micro-blogging site. Responding to the clop, a user joked, “10 seconds, haha! zepto’s going to have a complex.”

Another commented that incidents like this happen “Only in Bangalore.”

One more asked, “Did you also avail the post-midnight Swiggy McD discount? It’s either some money off or a free McVeggie I think.”

The video has amassed over thirty-six thousand views on Twitter

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first published:February 09, 2023, 18:36 IST
last updated:February 09, 2023, 18:49 IST