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Bengaluru Man Who Failed to Clear 'Tenant Interview' Pens About 'Experience' in Viral LinkedIn Post

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Last Updated: March 24, 2023, 20:48 IST

Bengaluru, India

Representative Image (Photo Credits: iStock)

Representative Image (Photo Credits: iStock)

A Bengaluru tenant shared his experience of going through a formal interview process in his LinkedIn post where he humourously described his ‘journey’ using a similar HR approach.

The issue of landlord and tenant relations in Bengaluru has been a persistent topic of discussion, and recent incidents have once again highlighted the formalities that are involved in the renting process. A man in Bengaluru recently shared his experience of a landlord conducting an interview-like process, asking for personal and professional details such as LinkedIn profile, pay slips, and write-ups. Similarly, another tenant in the Silicon Valley of India also shared his experience of going through a formal interview process. However, in his LinkedIn post, he humourously described his ‘journey’ to successfully clearing the interview, using a similar HR approach. The post quickly went viral, amusing many users on the internet.

A user named Ripu Daman Bhadoria recently shared his experience about clearing the tenant interview in Bengaluru, which he described as more challenging than his interview with Google. He revealed that due to the high demand for rental places post Covid, landlords in Bengaluru started interviewing tenant prospects. Having failed at his first-ever tenant interview, he decided to ‘strive for success’ and get ‘transparent’ feedback from the house owner. “As I strive to introspect and improve every time I fail, I directly asked the landlord for feedback on my interview performance and if there are any red flags they noticed, since HR/Recruiter wouldn’t reach out to me with interview results in this case” he mentioned in his viral LinkedIn post.

The feedback he received revealed that the landlord believed he was likely to buy a house, given that he works for Google, which resulted in his profile being ‘rejected’. However, he was able to ‘succeed’ in another interview process and was able to ‘secure’ a rental place in Bengaluru. After going through an intense rental procedure in the city, Bhadoria jokingly remarked, “Feel free to reach out to me for tenant interview experiences.”

The post on LinkedIn received a lot of attention from users, who flooded the comment section with witty responses. One user jokingly requested, “Hey can u please create docs for the same and share it publicly….Also it would be great if u could take some sessions on the same… It would be helpful to us all.” Another user asked, “Do you have a questionnaire? For reference?”

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first published:March 24, 2023, 08:04 IST
last updated:March 24, 2023, 20:48 IST